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No.14, July 20, 1998

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More evidence that, over fifty years after WW2, Germany still has not got the hang of Free Speech and the Separation of the Judiciary from the Executive

The Ingrid Weckert Case

In his July 1998 Smith's Report No. 56, Bradley Smith reports that Ingrid Weckert, author of Flashpoint, a revisionist study of the 1938 Kristallnacht, has been convicted in Germany, after a court found fault with her literary comparison of two diaries -- the diary of a wartime inmate of a Nazi concentration camp, and the diary of a German soldier imprisoned by the American forces in the former Nazi camp at Dachau, southern Germany.

Federal German judges ordered author Weckert fined 3,500 deutschmarks (around two thousand dollars) for writing the article, which was published in Europe's leading revisionist literary journal, Sleipnir, or serve eighty days in jail.

Weckert is, reports Smith, an elderly woman of scant means who has devoted her life, first as a nurse, and then as an independent researcher to "healing, helping, and enlightening humankind."

The last address which this Website had for Dr Weckert was:

Adlzreiter Strasse 5
80336 München

Other cases: see Victims of German Repression

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