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No.14, July 20, 1998



Letters to David Irving

RUDOLF HESS'S TEETH  My late husband was so interested in your book Rudolf Hess, the Missing Years, especially being as he was in Berlin in 1950 in the Royal Art Dental Corps, in the old Berlin hospital where he made some teeth for Hess I have a model of his mouth, and wondered if you might be interested in having it. He made others at Spandau prison, No.5 I have here, but who it belongs to I have no idea!

Dorothy Johnson (Mrs).

CARRION   I went up to London on Jan. 19 to attend the trial of Lady Jane Birdwood who published Sixty-Six Questions and Answers, off the IHR's Website. Case dismissed on medical grounds. I was reminded of your great description of those Hassidic Jews hanging around the Lockerbie crash site, like Carrion Crows. This is what it looked like at this trial. An ailing women surrounded by vindictive "friends."

R E, Surrey

Fascinating stuff    But I should like to point out that I have not been "hounded out" of my column with the [Vancouver] North Shore News [AR#13 reported]. As I stated publicly at the end of 1995, it was my intention to retire then, but I hung on because I did not watt to leave the paper while the misnamed "human rights" case was pending. best of luck with your case against Sereny & Co. I hope you stick it to them.

Doug Collins, West Vancouver, BC

[AR:]Consider them stuck-to!

[More on the Collins case: see AR#14 Update online]


HOW TO BUY   Was fortunate enough to obtain one copy of Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich for reading from the inter-library loan system of Fairfax county. The book came from Brandeis University. Efforts to purchase it from Waldenbroks, Crown Books, Book Chase, Book Club, B Dalton and Borders were all met with computer search, expectations and no results.

Friends could not find it for me in Australia, nor in England.

S R O'D, Springfield, Virginia

[AR:]Tell your bookstore that David Irving's books can be bought right here.

REMINISCENCES   In 1937 there was an organisation called THE LINK in England and the patron was called Lord Halifax - in Germany the patron was Joachim von Ribbentrop.

The movement was to foster Anglo-German friendship; we, I and others, spent some time on our vacation working on the motor roads. Our section was Hamburg-Hanover. One day, out of the blue, Adolf Hitler paid an unexpected visit to look at the foreign workers and he greeted me and thanked us for our efforts etc. It was all over in two minutes, but it took me two days to recover--end of story!

Do you agree that if the same criteria were used to judge every President of the U.S.A from Roosevelt to Clinton--as was used to condemn Germany, then each would be tried as criminal?!

Did you know that the last agreement suggested by Adolf Hitler to the British government before the outbreak of war was that in exchange for the no bombing of Oxford and Cambridge the British would refrain from bombing the German Universities? To which the British agreed quite willingly!]

And did you also know that for 18 months before war broke out, service men, R.A.F and Army went to France and Belgium in civilian clothes -with their uniforms packed as luggage! And whilst in reflective mood ...Hartley Shawcross dug up an ancient law which enabled the British to hang William Joyce who was born in New York of Irish Parents; Shawcross gained a knighthood for that. And then there is the sad story of John Amery who thought that the Spanish had granted him citizenship, but it turned out that an official had mislaid his application form. That also meant the death sentence for Leo Amery's son; I met Joyce and Amery, both of whom were brilliant men!

By the way, I saw and heard Adolf Hitler a number of times. I was at the Olympic Games 1936 with my cousin who had tickets for a number of events, a wonderful experience for a 15 year old grammar school boy.

Thomas W. Hale, PO BOX 397, Marouba NSW, 2035, AUSTRALIA

DEFAMATIONS   My best wishes to your in your fight against the "traditional enemies" [of free speech], especially the so-called Anti-Defamation League. I have a copy of a letter on ADL stationery, written to a friend of mine in 1958, asking for information on my whereabouts, as "some very important people are looking for him." At the time I was seventeen. Some threat! Our local (Boston) ADL was headed by one Isadore Zack. He was also head of the "Military Intelligence Association of new England," with the same mailing address as the ADL. The cover provided by this group apparently allowed the ADL to get records of peoples' mail, and who knows what else.

L M, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

TRUTH ON OUR SIDE   You have not in my eyes ever done anything wrong that I am aware of, and it seems that your opposition is making a horses ass of itself.But very very few people know what is going on. I certainly did not until I was asked to review your Goebbels. It is ironic that the opposition, and Deutschland itself are following the same suppression doctrine that Goebbels initiated over fifty years ago.Well ... so much for democracy! (I am actually a closet monarchist, but I do insist on the right of free expression.)

Let your fellow countrymen know what is going on and perhaps most of this crap will cease. In this instance, the truth is forcefully on your side. You will win and we will all be better for it.

R G, North Carolina.
Continue fighting. Yours is a noble cause.

E J I, Fredericksburg, Texas.

I wish it were more [the enclosed cheque]. Perhaps it will purchase a bullet for the battle.

W D, Chattanooga, Tennessee

[AR:]It will buy more than a bullet -- it buys the means to continue to survive.

The Adams Family   You and your family remind me of John Adams and his family. John Adams is one of my idols. I was born and raised in Quincy so I guess this was natural. He did not "emerge unscathed" from his travails or tribulations, but he left a legacy whch has not been appreciated. I hope that your efforts will be rewarded to your satisfaction. I will do what I can. I will buy your books and will send you what I can from time to time.

C M, Berkeley, California

[AR:]Odd fact: former US president John Adams lived in the next door house in London to where David Irving has lived for thirty years, since 1968.


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