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No.14, July 20, 1998


David Irving says a Big Thank-you to his Supporters:

"In June this year I faced a serious emergency as the London lawyers representing Holocaust Liar Deborah Lipstadt tried to bankrupt me in a sudden ambush before my libel action against her can come to trial.

"Within the space of four weeks my inner circle of supporters raised over $10,000.

"Thank you again. From the bottom of my heart.

"The Fight Continues!"



Tourism News

You Gotta Have Heart

THE TORONTO STAR AND REUTERS report from Jerusalem (Jun. 20) that after Israel returned to Scotland the body of Scotsman Alisdair Sinclair, arrested at Tel Aviv airport in April on suspicion of drug smuggling, the family discovered that his heart had been removed.

Sinclair had hanged himself in his police cell. According to Israei's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the family alleged that the heart had been sold for a transplant.

This was denied by Yona Tanenbaum, of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute.




ONE of America's largest publishers of dictionaries has rejected growing demands to drop the word "nigger" and other racial slurs in future.

"A dictionary is a scholarly reference, not a political tool," said a spokesman for Merriam-Webster. "As long is the word is in use, it is our responsibility to put the word into the dictionary."

The 150-year-old Massachusetts publishing house has agreed to put a notation in italics against 200 of the 160,000 words in the 1999 Collegiate Dictionary, pointing out ones used as racial, religious or sexual slurs.

Groups calling for "nigger" to be dropped include the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Museum of African-American History.

Hundreds of letters have been received by the publisher in recent months, complaining that the word promoted bigotry and racism.

Delphine Abraham, a Michigan woman leading a campaign for dictionary publishers to change the definition, has organised a 10,000-signature petition.

The campaign has prompted calls from other groups for such terms as "honky", ''kike" and "queer" to be dropped.

The above story from David Sapsted in New York was printed in The Daily Telegraph, London, May 6. It is not believed that there are similar calls for the slurs "neo-Nazi", "anti-Semite", and "skinhead" to be dropped from dictionaries.

Cannot Lie  Our attention has been drawn to an organisation with the acronym CAMERA (Campaign for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), an organisation of some 25,000 members with a half-million dollars annual fund-raising budget.

From a letter circulated by executive director Andrea Levin, it appears to exist to apply pressure to universities, newspapers, television organisations, and even to Amnesty International and the Encyclopedia Britannica to amend their public comments and reporting on the crimes being committed against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, including ethnic cleansing (in the judgement of Amnesty Interational), house demolitions, and concentration camps. Like many such organisations, it hides behind a P O Box (for the record: P O Box 428, Boston, MA 02258, telephone 617 789 3672).  

Another big Auschwitz surprise 

"Solomon Perel, a Jewish boy from a Polish-German-Jewish family, did the impossible. He survived the Holocaust in the heart of Nazi Germany as a model member of the Hitler Youth.…

  "The observations of normality within Nazi Germany's ferocious ideological war have resonances with other home fronts; the difference here is that none of the good folk in the pub after going to church knew about the crematoria burning day and night to the east. Perel, too, only heard about them after the defeat.…"

-- The Age, Melbourne, Nov. 29, 1997: review of Solomon Perel, Europa Europa (publ. Wiley, 1997).

Professor Charles B Burdick
C BurdickACTION REPORT and David Irving are sorry to report the death of Professor Charles B Burdick, one of the doyens of American historians, who taught history for thirty-five years at San Jose State University; he was fluent in German and English, and was one of the first to till the acres of captured Nazi archives held in Washington.

Mr Irving reports, "Many was the time -- the first occasion was in July 1976 -- that I drove up through the winding roads of the Los Gatos mountains, south of San Francisco, chat with Burdick at the isolated log cabin which he and a Swiss carpenter had built at Stetson Road, a mile or two off Summit Road. The Redwood setting was idyllic. But it could be brutally cold up there as well.

"We spent many hours comparing notes about sources on WW2, his speciality. Burdick too believed in Real History, the kind only to be found in the unedited original documents. He specialised in the Iberian peninsula, and wrote a standard work on Hitler's projected operation FELIX, for the capture of the British fortress at Gibraltar."

Born on May 12, 1927, Burdick died of cancer on Jun. 6, the anniversary of the historic D-Day, survived by a large family of children and grandchildren.

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