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No. 25, January 20, 2004


Outrage in New Zealand as "traditional enemy" calls for gag on David Irving

Indefatigable in their attempts to silence Real History

AUCKLAND, NZ. -- According to press reports the traditional enemies of free speech plan to stop David Irving speaking in New Zealand in late September. In Australia, where their financial influence on Prime Minister John Howard and his party has never been denied, he has been banned since 1992. His NZ visit has been quietly planned for 12 months.

Visiting Wellington for the first time in 18 years to research in the archives for his Winston Churchill biography, Mr Irving will address the famed National Press Club on Real Problems of Writing on WW2.

The invitation has outraged NZ's small Jewish community. It already feels under siege because two Israeli agents have been imprisoned for stealing NZ passports for terrorism purposes around the world.

That the two Mossad agents' accomplices were "Kiwis" who fled with their families to Israel has raised the "dual loyalties" bogey which plagued US Jews after the Julius Rosenberg and Jonathan Pollard spy cases.

New Zealand's tough prime minister Helen Clark ordered tough political sanctions against Israel, including cancellation of high-level visits.

The dismayed local community has fought back. In July one of their graveyards was desecrated; but even in New Zealand the public has become more mature, and a reader in the capital's Dominion Post stated in print that the Mossad were the most likely grave-smashers -- a traditional ploy when they need sympathy.

ZwartzAt an emotional ceremony in the graveyard on July 25, the visibly dismayed head of the NZ Jewish Council David Zwartz pointed an accusing finger at Mr Irving (writing in Key West, 12,000 miles away) and appealed to the minister for Bioterrorism, representing Clark at the ceremony, to keep the "two legged organism" David Irving out of the country.

That language was reminiscent of the Nazis, said Mr Irving. Others likened it to Churchill's description of Lenin being transported across Germany back to Russia like "a sealed plague bacillus" in WW1.

The NZ press quoted Mr Irving as saying he would be traveling to the country on a British passport,and " not wearing dark glasses and on the stolen passport of a paraplegic."

(Mossad had elected to rob cripples of their identities as they are unable to travel and thus don't apply for passports.)

Help to fund David Irving's Real History CampaignReaders in Australia or New Zealand who want to hear Mr Irving must contact him by telephone at USA 305 923 6259 before mid Sept. 2004 or by email (; and keep their eye on for updates and changes.  


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