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No. AR9j, March 5, 1996

The New York Times reported...
reported . . .

A Coincidence

Those who Can Only Hate


SternNEW YORK--On the same day as the American press published the vile [Oklahoma City bombing] allegations against David Irving, The New York Times announced the publication of Kenneth S Stern's new book A Force Upon the Plain. The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate.

Stern, an expert on hate groups employed by the American Jewish Committee, alleges that the FBI siege against the "white separatist" Randy Weaver in August 1992, the ATF assault on the Waco compound of the Branch Davidians on Apr.19, 1993, and the passage that summer of the Brady bill imposing a waiting period on the purchase of handguns, convinced dissident groups including, he writes, the neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, anti-abortionists and others that the federal Government was conspiring to usurp their rights.

Stern criticises the FBI and Congress for being too slow to recognise the danger of the militia, "presumably because of their being white," as veteran NYT reviewer Christopher Lehmann-Haupt points out.

Stern's conclusion is however clear: that white separatist right-wing extremists were behind the bombing of the Murrah building at Oklahoma City. square

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