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Documents on the deputy commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz,

Hans Aumeier







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born Amberg, 20.8.1906

Rank: SS HStuf

Physical description: 1,60m, thin, small face, blue eyes, balding, married, no children. Completely uneducated, almost illiterate. Arrested in camp in Terningmoen, Norway, 11.6.1945 in full uniform and with no forged papers.

At first in PWIS(Det(N)18 at Akershus prison, 10.8.1945, Aumeier denied all knowledge of Auschwitz, then witnesses confronted him and he admitted he was Schutzhaftlager-Leiter from Juni 1942 bis Ende Mai 1943.

Interrogator found his memory especially for names was very poor.

Source: National Archives, Washington DC: RG.319 - IRR - XE.003245 Hans Aumeier.

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