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Documents on the deputy commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz,

Hans Aumeier

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 Source: PRO file WO.208/4661




To  :

Capt. D'ARCY,
20 Eaton Square, S.W.1.

From  :

Major A.F.A.I. TERRY,
War Crimes Interrogation Unit/LDC,
6 Kensington Palace Gdns, W.8

With reference to UNWCC List no. 40, Serial No. 375 AUMEIER, SS Hauptsturmführer AUSCHWITZ Konzentrations-Lager from 1942-1945, wanted in connection with charges brought by YUGOSLAVIA, this man is identical with Sturmbannführer Hans AUMEIER, who was brought from NORWAY to LDC in January 1946 and held in PW Camp 17 SHEFFIELD for two months before being sent to BAOR on 9 April 1946.


27 Aug 46


posted Monday, December 2, 2002

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