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"Samuel Crowell" (pseudonym) comments on Wednesday, January 8, 2003 on the Aumeier dossier


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Aumeier got more lurid as time passed?


THANK you for posting the Aumeier materials. On page 5 of the earliest statement (June 45), which has not been transcribed, I read the following:

"In Base Camp I there was a crematorium with 2 ovens in which corpses were burnt. The crematorium was under the control of the leader of the political department and the camp doctor. During my time, 2 or 3 crematoria were under construction in Birkenau. I knew nothing about gas chambers, and during my time there no prisoner was gassed. I would say that there were about 54,000 prisoners in Auschwitz and Birkenau, including about 15,000 women and children among them."

Is this an accurate rendering?

The reason I ask is because if you study these interrogations (i.e., Aumeier, Kramer, Hoess, etc.) you find that they have a cumulative quality; the affidavits and reminiscences become more precise over the passage of time. In addition, the earlier statements become the basis of later interrogations which in turn form the basis for later statements or affidavits which in turn are used for later interrogations, etc.

As a result the earliest statements become the most important for analysis, and this appears to be the first statement from Aumeier. In that case, if I have read it right, he makes no references to gassing in it. I am a little surprised at this since I considered a later statement (which I commented on in early 2000, not 2002), to be in general rather credible (although I still had problems with it.)

"Samuel Crowell"

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Irving David Irving replies:

YES, I also spotted the cumulative effect of the reports; it may just be that they beat more truths out of him as time passed. What we really need is somebody to make a table of all four major Aumeier reports, compare each, and then compare all with what Höss said.
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