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Documents on the deputy commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz,

Hans Aumeier


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List of fellow prisoners of Hans Aumeier with knowledge of his activities, Janury 1946


Document posted Sunday, December 1, 2002


Source: ...PRO File: WO.208/4661 (Lt Col Scotland Papers)

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To : Lt. Col. A.P. Scotland, OBE,
LDC, 6 Kensington Palace Gdns, London W.11

From : Capt. A.C.F. Broderman, PWIS (Norway)

Stubaf Hans AUMEIER

     If it should be necessary to have further witnesses in the AUMEIER case, we are holding here in AKERSHUS prison the following henchmen who worked together with AUMEIER in AUSCHWITZ, MYSEN and other concentration camps. They were his tools in the carrying out of his misdeeds.


Haschaf Josef REMMELE

1934/39 Guard duties at DACHAU

1939/42 SS Standarte Deutschland at MINDEN as instructor

1942/43 AUSCHWITZ. Also helping to establish branch camp at MONOWITZ.

1944 Genesenden Kp at DACHAU.

If attempts at suicide are any indication of guilt, this man must have a very uneasy conscience.


Ostuf Heinz KÜHLER

1939 38 Totenkopf Inf Regt 2

Mar 43 Verwaltungsführer at AUSCHWITZ

Jan Leiter d. Verw., Labour Camp PLASZOW/CRACOW.



SS since 1933. NSDAP since 1937.

1937/42 as Totenkopf Regt 3 at WEIMAR/BUCHENWALD

1942/43 Women's concentration camp RAVENSBRÜCK

Feb 44 68 Wirtschafter RIGA

Apr 44 Quartermaster to Dienststelle für Arbeitseinsatz der Juden on NARVA front in RUSSIA

May 44 concentration Camp VAIVARA

Nov 44 concentration Camp MITTELBAU -- Lager DORA -- as Adjt to Stubaf FÖRSCHNER

Mar 45 Quartermaster at MYSEN



NSDAP and 33 since 1934,

1943/44 In charge of various small labour detachments consisting of concentration camp inmates working on various camp construction jobs.

Jul 44 In charge of transport of 450 Jewesses (in ten cattle trucks) from RIGA to GERMANY for labour purposes.


Oschaf Josef RUMMEL

SS since 1933. NSDAP since 1938.

Sep 39 111/SS Ers Btl Totenkopf, BRESLAU

Oct 40 Guard Coy at AUSCHWITZ.


Oschaf Eduard SCHMID

1941/44 Guard duties at AUSCHWITZ.



Wach. und Gruppenführer in AUSCHWITZ and MYSEN


Uschaf Mathias PERESICH

Feb 43 Guard coy at concentration camp NEUENGAMME

Dec 43 Driver at KG JECKL, RIGA


Haschaf Karl SPIEKER

Oct 41/Jan 42 Guard coy at AUSCHWITZ

Jan 42 Labour detachment at MONOWITZ

Mar 44 Labour detachment at GLEIWITZ.

At time of German retreat took part in forced marches of prisoners to the West.



Rechnungsführer at AUSCHWITZ


Oschaf Ernst MORITZ

Sep 41 Guard unit at ORANIENBURG, later NEUENGAMMEN.


Oschaf Albert STENZEL

Oct 39 SS Totenkopf Inf Regt 3 at DACHAU.


Oschaf Herbert LECKER

Jun 44 Guard Coy at AUSCHWITZ.


Hastuf Karl HEIMANN

1942 conc. camp GUSEN nr LINZ



     All the a/n are of no CI interest, and could be disposed of without difficulty. Owing to lack of time and witnesses it has been impossible to fix any definite guilt on these men. Their past career is, however, of such a nature that there can be little doubt that they were at least "partners in crime."



Akershus Prison, Oslo.

8 Jan 46

[sgd] A C P Broderman


PWIS (Norway)

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