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Photos from the collection of Lisas Smith

Lisa Smith writes us in November 1999: "I AM looking for information concerning the particular divisions of American soldiers who may have been involved in the liberation of Buchenwald as well as the clean-up operations following liberation. My father was an MP in the US Army [US Army 553rd division - Military Police] and has just recently given me photos he took at a concentration camp to which he was assigned immediately following liberation. His task, along with his entire MP group, was to supervise the clean-up operations, including burying many of the dead." [Full text of letter]

The pictures were taken with a Kodak Brownie camera

pile of bodies\
A delegation of American politicans and soldiers visits the Buchenwald camp. It is the same pile of bodies in all these photos. Man leaning against the wall is a former KZ prisoner, wearing striped pants. [See better image of this visit]

crematorium furnaces at

Doors of the crematorium furnaces at BuchenwaldL
Right: :
The Buchenwald crematorium

Buchenwald crematorium

ashes and half-cremated human bones

Above: A heap of ashes and half-cremated human bones


heap of corpses

The same heap of corpses (note the wreaths hanging above) 

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