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A. Suter writes from Switzerland, July 25, 1999


I WAS deeply surprised by the information you published this week of that GI and the Dachau crematoria.

You'll find an excellent article on this topic by the Austrian author Franz. J. Scheidl taken from his book "Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands". Especially interesting is the testimony by K. J. Fischer published in the DWZ in 1966. Bishop Neuhäusler, who spent four years at Dachau, wrote in his brochure "So war es in Dachau" that the gas chamber had been started in 1942 (!) but was only finished AFTER the liberation of the camp in 1945...

By the way, the famous article in "Die Zeit" by M. Broszat was written in reaction to an article published a week before (R. Strobel, "Weg mit ihm!", Die Zeit, 12. Aug. 1960, n.33, p.1), on a General Unrein who certified that German prisoners had been employed by the Americans to finish the crematoria.

A. Suter

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