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What really went on at the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau, before (and after) April 1945?

gastight shower door at Dachau

Photo: Gastight shower door at Dachau camp [from Irving collection]

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A former G I, Mr B Csatary, posted this message on the Germany History Board on the Internet on July 18, 1999: we invite comments from our visitors, who may find it interesting. We have contacted the author for confirmation.


I WAS a U.S. soldier stationed in Dachau 1964--1965. The concentration camp was filled with Polish and other former inmates that decided to take advantage of free housing and jobs.

The US Army maintained part of the camp as an Army prison for GI jailbirds.

The camp had a small 10x15 crematory for occasional cremations. There never was a large "Death Camp" machine on the grounds. The small crematory was no more unusual than the ones you see in many American cemeteries.

To my dismay, a few months before being transferred back to the US, some "International " outfit decided to erect a huge Crematory with 4 sliding doors! They even made it look worn and rusty. My commanding officer, a decorated war hero, was speechless at this false creation!

So much for truth ! I took pictures of the before and after shots of the area.

My friends could not believe it!

B Csatary

[His e-mail address was linked until 8.8.99, then removed at his request, and in view of hate mail he received we have also deleted his home town]

On Saturday, August 7, 1999 this Website received the photos referred to. Comments are invited.
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