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Posted Friday, August 13, 1999

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Note on a Conversation with Dr. Gerd Südholt in Solingen at 7 a.m., 17th October 1979

1. He said that he has a transcript of the memoirs of Adolf EICHMANN. But he has not yet decided whether to publish them or how. They consist of eighty tape recordings of conversations with Eichmann, recorded in the 1950s. According to Südholt, Eichmann's son managed to evacuate these tapes from Eichmann's home a few hours before the Jewish squad kidnapped Adolf Eichmann. The existence of the tapes is not generally known. The manuscript was offered to Ullstein's who rejected it. Südholt says that if he publishes it, a number of passages will have to be cut out, as they go rather far (meaning presumably from the „nationalen Standpunkt".) An einer Stelle schildert Eichmann, wie er einen Führerbefehl erhalten haben will; I told Südholt that WISLICENY had also written of a Führerbefehl, on two occasions, but he gives its actual Inhalt as told to him by Eichmann completely differently on each occasion.

2. I said that probably the best solution would be to find a respectable American publishing house to publish the memoirs, e.g. under the title, I, Adolf Eichmann. Then the book could be published with greater respectability by a German publishing house. I suggested taking this matter up with Max Becker.

David Irving

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Notes: David Irving dictated this note after a talk with south German publisher Dr Gerd Sudholt. Max Becker was his own New York literary agent, who died in November 1992. The Eichmann book was published by Sudholt later under the title Ich Adolf Eichmann (the title suggested by Mr Irving). It was completed ignored by the world's national press.

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