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Faurisson, 1991News from leading Holocaust debunker Prof Robert Faurisson: Paris, December 22, 2001

 [Picture: Faurisson speaking at
Chelsea Town Hall, London, Nov 1991]



Faurisson is Fighting back: The Sentence on L'Histoire magazine

Robert Faurisson writes: IN fact I did not appeal -- L'Histoire did. [See our story]. On October 12, 2000, L'Histoire magazine had been severely sentenced for having incredibly distorted my "right to answer" text. Thanks to five different cuts, which, contrary to their practice, were not indicated, they had concealed the fact that the Auschwitz I gas chamber, visited since 1948 by millions of tourists, was a fake

  • as I had discovered in 1975-1976,
  • as I had written at the end of the 1970s and
  • as even a member of the Auschwitz Museum Directory, Mrs Krystyna Oleksy, had confessed to French antirevisionist historian Eric Conan (see Eric Conan, "Auschwitz: la mémoire du mal", L'Express, January 19-25 1995, p. 68 ; see also Robert Faurisson, "The 'Gas Chamber' of Auschwitz I, The Journal of Historical Review, September-December 1999, p. 12-13).

On December 19, the Paris court of appeals upheld the sentencing of L'Histoire. The famous magazine will have

  • to print in bold a summary of the sentence as written by the tribunal,
  • to entirely publish the original text of my "right to reply" in which I mentioned the story of the Auschwitz I "gas chamber" being a recognised fake,
  • to pay me damages plus interest.

As you know and as reported by David Irving's site, there is currently also the interesting story of the Quid 2002 (a historical encyclopaedia). More about that later on.

As you do not know yet, I am suing the famous Jacques Derrida and Elisabeth Roudinesco for having said in a quite recent book something which clearly shows they have not read my three books on Rimbaud, Lautréamont and Nerval.

In Lyon, the "revisionist scandal" continues more than ever and is more and more astonishing. It began in November 1978! Jean Plantin is doing a wonderful work, which makes them mad.

Robert Faurisson

PS, December 28: As we expected, L'Histoire are appealing the "cour de cassation." They wish to have the sentence quashed on a technicality. As yet, we have no idea what kind of technicality it might be. On December 21, Agence France-Presse (AFP) remarkably reported my victory in court. I am not used to such treatment.square


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An appeal   Prof. Robert Faurisson informs us that on December 26, 2001 a Lyons (France) court fined French revisionist Mr Jean Plantin a total of 43,600 francs ($5,880) under a French law for the suppression of free speech. French law prohibits helping a criminal to pay a fine. We do not regard Mr Plantin as a criminal, and we appeal to our readers to assist him: send a check or cash in any currency to Jean Plantin, 45 / 3, route de Vourles, 69230 Saint Genis Laval, France.

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