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Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, said, 'Mr. Finkelstein is full of shit' before the nightly television news in Germany.quoteend

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The son of an Auschwitz survivor accuses the "Holocaust industry," Elie Wiesel and Jewish leaders worldwide of a vast shakedown.

Viktor Frölke

Aug. 30, 2000

scissors[Excerpt:] With his clever, explosive and sometimes even wryly funny little book, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman G. Finkelstein, the 47-year-old enfant terrible of Holocaust studies from Brooklyn, N.Y., hit a nerve. Such a big nerve, in fact, that it caused a blackout of virtually all intellectual circuits -- at least in this country.


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About the writer Viktor Frölke is a New York correspondent for Het Parool, a daily published in Amsterdam, and Elsevier, Holland's biggest weekly. He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Website comment: Among the groups not listed in this article who are set to benefit: the Anti Defamation League