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Documents on Norman Finkelstein's controversies

IN the summer of 2000 Prof. Norman Finkelstein (at that time Professor of political theory, City University of New York, Hunter College) published a book, The Holocaust Industry, which criticised the financial motives of those behind the then current exaggerated publicity campaign promoting Holocaust history and the use to which it was being put to extort money from a variety of wealthy victims including Swiss banks, European governments, factories, and other groups.

The world's Jewish organisations started a concerted attempt to destroy Finkelstein's academic reputation and legitimacy, and to pressure publishers not to print the book (even though they had signed contracts to do so), and newspaper, television and othere media outlets not to provide any publicity in the form of reviews or news stories. This is a small sample of the worldwide media coverage of the debate, which we provide entirely independently of Prof. Finkelstein.



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