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Documents on the Death of Adolf Hitler
Posted Friday, May 28, 2010


After a long manhunt Rudolf Höss (right), former commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp, was captured by British soldiers in March 1946, and after some severe manhandling interrogated. The early interrogation reports are missing but may turn up over the years. Two are to be found in the Public Record Office in Kew, London, the war crimes investigators' files: WO.309/374. Höss has evidently been persuaded to finger the Waffen SS and various visiting Nazi ministers - coincidentaly the organisation and ministers on trial for their lives at that time in Nuremberg.


British Interrogation of Rudolf Höss, March 16, 1946

  STATEMENT of Rudolf HOESS ------------
                    Statement of Rudolf HOESS, male, made 
                    voluntarily at Minden Gaol on 16th March
1.                  I was commandant of AUSCHWITZ from May 1941 until December 1943.
2.                  During this time the camp was visited by the following 
high-ranking persons
                         SCHWERIN-KROSIGK - Finanzminister
                         THIERACK		   - Justizminister
                    They inspected the camp of AUSCHWITZ, its factories and farms 
and remained for approximately 3 - 4 hours.
3.                  I held the position of Adjutant and Schutzhaftlagerführer 
in SACHSENHAUSEN Concentration Camp from 1938 until 1940.
4.                  During this time I saw the following high ranking persons 
visit the camp of SACHSENHAUSEN.
                         FRICK - Innenminister (Minister of the interior)
The above statement was made 
voluntarily by me, Rudolf HOESS, 				Sgd. Rudolf HOESS.
at Minden Gaol, Germany, on 
this 16th day of March 1946.
Witnessed by me, Capt A. VOLLMAR, 
22 Dragoons, an officer of the 		
Judge Advocate General's Branch, 				Sgd. A. VOLLMAR, Capt,
HQ BAOR at Minden Gaol, Germany 		                      JAG Branch,
this 16th day of March 1946.					              HQ BAOR. 
Certified that the above text was read to the said Rudolf HOESS in German
and that he agreed that it was true and voluntarily signed it.
						 (Sgd) A. Vollmar, Capt.
								J.A.G. Branch
								  H.Q. B.A.O.R.
16 Mar 46
Note: there are no ink signatures on the above carbon copy

. Now see his British interrogation, March 20, 1946


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