New York, June 9, 2003

Short Takes

by John F. Baker

 Ecco's Julia Serebrinsky got world rights in Courting Justice: My Battle with Holocaust Denier David Irving by Deborah Lipstadt, whose book accusing the British historian resulted in a significant court battle in London, won by Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin; Serebrinsky got world rights from Gary Morris at David Black.


IrvingThis website comments: Not since a British motor firm wanted to sell their car the Triumph Acclaim in Germany and learned that the translation would be the Sieg Heil has a Marketing Chief boobed so badly: "My Battle?" Mein Kampf?

Back to the Olivetti, Deborah!

And Gosh, I hope that this time your publisher has your book read for Libel. Because the last time round, Penguin Books Ltd didn't. And you, your backers, and they ended up Six Million Pounds out of pocket in legal costs in consequence.