who's lying?

Mr DUKE was introduced to Mr Irving at a function in Baton Rouge in about 1995. His views appear to be supported by an overwhelming majority of White voters in Louisiana, as he demonstrated in a gubernatorial race there. Democracy has its uses. (One suspects that Prof Lipstadt would not fare so well.) Certainly, apart from his dislike of the Jews, there seemed little extreme in Mr Duke's views as espoused in their few conversations.
   Mr Duke asked him to read and comment on the first draft chapter of his memoirs. Mr Irving advised him to omit the word "Jew" at least fifty times per page, and gave him some basic editing advice; he also advised him to approach mainline, Madison Avenue, publishers with the work, provided it was an honest account of his early years -- he had joined the Klan, like many a noble American including Mr Justice Black, we believe -- and subsequently left it.
   And yes, he and Mr Irving did play tennis when Mr Duke visited Florida: Duke had a powerful serve, which was easily defeated after his shoulder went out, which was in the first fifteen minutes. "Playing tennis with": yes, that is grounds for an indictment in Lipstadt's post-McCarthyite view.
   Just as she had never read Mr Irving's Goebbels before denouncing it, she has presumably never met Mr Duke before ditto ditto ditto.