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Portland Tribune

Portland Tribune, Oregon, USA, Saturday, June 1, 2002


Holocaust expert coming

THREE weeks after controversial British historian David Irving visited the Portland area, his best-known critic is coming to town. Author Deborah Lipstadt will speak about her lengthy fight with Irving during a fund-raising dinner for the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center on June 9 at the Benson Hotel.

David Irving comments:

A thirteenth question:

Q: Why... with the millions available from Spielberg et al. would Lipstadt have to do ANY fund-raising for the newest "Holocaust" museum?

[A: You can NOT instill guilt unless the individual participates in receiving it.]

Her friends wrapped up their Anne Frank Traveling Show in early May 2002, after a run of about a month-and-a-half. That effort, as they admit in various news articles, was aimed at American children in Middle School (i.e., children under 15). The gambling operations contributed heavily to the $200,000+ cost of putting on the show. Much of the cost involved transporting innocent children to their indoctrination session, the Anne Frank Traveling Show.

A phone call to the provided number should be interesting.

In her 1993 book "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Memory," Lipstadt labeled Irving a "Holocaust denier" who "distorts accurate historical evidence and information." Irving sued Lipstadt for libel in England. After a three-month trial, Justice Charles Gray sided with Lipstadt and declared Irving to be a "right-wing, pro-Nazi polemicist." For information on the dinner, call 503-359-2930.


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Deborah Lipstadt: Mr Irving's request for information

  • WE KNOW the reasons why Deborah Lipstadt was refused tenure at the southern California university where she used to teach, and transferred to her present lowly position at Emory, the "Coca-Cola" university of Atlanta. For court use in future, we should like to obtain chapter and verse. The L.A. University refuses to divulge data on personnel matters. Who can assist? This is believed to be one of the reasons why Lipstadt declined to testify on oath (like Taking the Fifth) in London. [Confidential information to ]


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