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David Irving replies about the Holocaust Website

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DAVID IRVING comments on the Emory University Holocaust on Trial Website


My views about Emory remain unchanged.

IF A university can tolerate the standards of scholarship displayed by Lipstadt, then it is not fit to be placed on the same level as other bodies of that name. Her previous university dispensed with her services, and she found a safe haven at an uncritical Emory. Her collaborators in Los Angeles are trying to get Professor Kevin Macdonald (an acknowledged expert of real scholarship, who freely testified under oath in the trial on the roots of antisemitism), kicked out of his southern California university in revenge, arguing that a university is judged by the calibre of its staff. That cuts both ways in Emory's case.

Emory University is promoting a Website * smearing me and purporting to portray the Lipstadt Trial. By their own standards of objectivity they too will be judged.

Judge Gray himself commented on our trial Website in a private letter to a US legal expert, praising the standard of objectivity and even-handedness maintained.

Compare these things: From the moment the case of DJC Irving vs Penguin and Lipstadt began, we posted on our Website all relevant legal documents of both sides. In the spirit of the Internet, we posted links to all the relevant opposition Websites known to us. We posted all the relevant press clippings, although they were overwhelmingly hostile to us. From the day the trial began, we posted the daily transcripts of the trial, for which we paid a fee of many thousands of pounds (Lipstadt's Website has only just posted the transcripts). We posted all the witness statements provided by her defence and the supporting documents (they eventually asked us to remove many of them, in our judgment because they reflected poorly on her). We posted all the expert reports of both sides, in the face of threatened proceedings by her defence lawyers for contempt of Court.

The Lipstadt Website posts only her defence witness statements and expert reports. Like the Website for the recent Nova television presentation in North America, The Holocaust on Trial, her Website includes links only to "friendly" Websites. (The Nova Website did not even give the link to the daily transcripts on which it was partly based, which were at that time posted only on our Website). Her Website includes the statements of three witnesses (none of whom gave evidence on oath at the trial); among them is the statement of the Canadian Jewish agitator Bernie Farber, whose evidence was disallowed by the Court in a similar trial in Canada specifically because of his obvious rabid prejudice. The Farber statement was withdrawn by the defence in the Lipstadt trial in London -- yet it is on her Website as though it was before the Court. It was not. Lipstadt's own statement is also on her Website: yet she refused to take the twenty-foot walk into the witness stand, to confirm that everything she wrote in it was true, so help her God.

A FINAL comment on the objectivity of this AJC-financed Website * of "scholar" Deborah Lipstadt. Try clicking on the changing images upper left. There are two images showing my likeness. The one is secretly named "foolbooks" showing me carrying books into the court. The other is named "fooleggy", showing me being attacked by the mob hired by Lipstadt's supporters to throw eggs, while entering the High Court building on April 12, 2000.

Incidentally, to economise on effort and free up space for more important amunitions, we shall shortly remove all the Lipstadt defence files and statements from our Website and replace them with hyperlinks to the corresponding documents on the Lipstadt Website, even though in some cases the version there (e.g. the Browning report) is not the "cleansed" version that was actually before the Court. We shall however continue to post the complete file of daily transcripts, as we can not be certain that they have not been tampered with in the version on the Lipstadt Website.

* Website safety note: as the webmaster of the Lipstadt website has installed HTML to prevent anybody from returning to our website once they are trapped in hers, we have made this a magic link: just point to it, to open her website in a different window.

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