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Documents on the alleged silencing of Heinrich Himmler

From PRO file FO371/38994/C6745




[...] as to the probable location of such documents? If so, it should pass it on to the Intelligence Priorities Committee.

T.H.M. 30/5/ [1944]



click1. If there are important documents containing evidence against prominent war criminals which the Germans are likely to destroy if given time, I think that indication of the nature of these documents and the officers in which they are kept should be given to the Intelligence Priorities Sub-Committee of the J.I.C. [Joint Intelligence Committee]

2. I expect that we can rely on our Allies to provide [crossed out: lists] the whereabouts of the persons who have committed crimes in their respective countries, but as regards the war criminals whom we intend to liquidate or bring to trial (I remain convinced that these trials of war criminals will probably be only a little less futile than those suggested after the last war), a list of these criminals should be given to me and I will arrange with the Intelligence Section (Operations) that track should be kept of their appointments and the localities where they are known to be. We shall probably never catch some of the worst of these criminals, but we shall stand a better chance of doing so if we could know where [deleted: to look] to pick up the scent when the German collapse takes place. I am inclined to bet that Himmler will vanish and will continue to work underground.


V Cavendish-Bentinck.

3rd June, 1944



Mr Allen



Should the War Crimes Commission deal with the first paragraph of Mr Cavendish Bentinck's minute? I imagine you are dealing with the second.

T.H.M. 5/6 [1944]


As regards 2 the Commission have not yet reported any names to the member Govts. Progress is slow. But possibly Sir W Malkin* might care to mention Mr Bentinck's suggestion to Sir C. Hurst? If the War Cabinet approve our draft




* Legal Adviser at the Foreign Office, killed in 1945 plane crash.

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