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The complete text of a 1942 postcard written by an Auschwitz prisoner

eBay quotestartThis extremely well-preserved echo from the Nazi Holocaust is an original postcard sent from one of the very first inmates interned in Auschwitz. It was written on an official formular Auschwitz postcard. The front bears the original Hitler stamp cancelled at the Auschwitz 2 postoffice on May 16, 1942. In the middle, vertically written section the inmate signed his name (Johann Klausa), indicated his prisoner tattoo number (#1124), birthdate (November 22, 1908), block number (13) and postal address (K.L. Auschwitz O/S Postamt 2). Auschwitz archives indicate he was one of 100 prisoners sent from the police prison in Sosnowitz to Auschwitz on June 25, 1940, barely one month after the camp had opened. The historical value of this item is increased significantly by the fact that Johann Klausa was one of the very few inmates ever to be released from Auschwitz. Archives of the State Museum of Auschwitz indicate he was released on November 27, 1943, having survived nearly 3 and one-half years in Auschwitz. The card was written on May 10, 1942 to a brother living in Hohenlinde, Kreis Kattowitz, Oberschlesien (occupied Poland). The buyer will have the privilege of translating the message contents, which are written in German in the older cursive style. [This website provides a rough transcription and translation below] The face of the letter is imprinted "Konzentrationslager Auschwitz" along with the camp commandant's regulations for sending and receiving mail. Also on the was applied the red 3-line handstamp, "Geprüft 7 K.L. Auschwitz" by the SS censor. Considering its remarkable history, the item is in superb condition, guaranteed genuine and a significant addition to any collection of Holocaust memorabilia.quoteend



Johann Klausa
geboren am 22.XI.08, Block 13
Gef. Nr. 1124,
KL Auschwitz O/S.
Postamt 2

Auschwitz, Oberschlesien, 10.5.42


An Herrn
Hubert Klausa
Krs Kattowitz O/S.


Auschwitz den 10.V.42

Liebster Bruder und Schwägerin!

Schreibe wieder zu Euch paar Wörter und theile mit, daß ich mich bei bester Gesundheit befinde und auch von Euch dasselbe hoffe. Wie gehts dem Bruder[.] Wilhelm befindet sich noch in Witebsk oder ist schon weiter hat er die letzte Zeit geschrieben? Warum schreibt Ihr so wenig? Könnt ja jede 14 Tage schreibe und öfters. Was macht denn der Fernes kommt er oft zu Euch? Besten Gruß an Euch alle und Bekannte.


[Translation (the punctuation is sparse)]

From convict Johann Klausa
born Nov 22, 1908,
Block 13,
Prisoner No. 1124, Auschwitz Prisoner of War Camp ...

Auschwitz, Upper Silesia, May 10, 1942

Dear brother and sister in law

I'm writing you a few words again and inform you that I am in best of health and hope the same of you. How are things with brother Wilhelm is he still in Witebsk or is he already further on than that has he written in recent times? Why do you write so little? You can write every fourteen days and more often. What is Fernes(?) doing, does he often come to see you? Best wishes to you all and acquaintances



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