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Index to items on SS officer Kurt Gerstein


pp Disussion of Kurt Gerstein by David Irving and defence expert witnesses in the Lipstadt Trial (download daily transcript and search for "Gerstein"):
Trial Transcript, Day [10] [14] [17] [20] [27] [29] [32] or Download whole trial as text file (needs StuffIt Expander)
pp R. D. Jaeger's commentary on historian Sir Martin Gilbert's treatment of the "Gerstein Report" | How Sir Martin Gilbert falsified Kurt Gerstein's testimony on the Nazis
pp Kurt Gerstein was an art thief: are no memories sacred?
pp On the "madman" Kurt Gerstein see Prof Raul. Hilberg's testimony, 1985
pp Henri Rocques: Thesis mark condemned | France stops doctorate on Nazi gas chambers | IHR publishes thesis as book | Gerstein photo (right) a fake?
pp David Irving writes 1994 to The West Australian, about identical quantities of Zyklon-B canisters shipped to Auschwitz and Oranienburg (a non-"gas-chamber" camp)
pp Adalbert Rückerl writes at length to David Irving defending the Gerstein report
pp Prof Raul Hilberg admitted in 1985 that he quoted "madman" Kurt Gerstein selectively
pp BILD Zeitung publishes (8.11.08) new-found Auschwitz dossier - with unexpected content: 2pp conference report shows Untersturmführer Kurt Gerstein, discussing gas chambers in camps - "[he] stated that one-fiftieth of the prisoner-total would have to be deloused every day". Document Page 1 | 2 - see Our dossiers on The Gerstein Report | on Auschwitz
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