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Translation: During the period of this camp's existence 405,222 prisoners -- men, women and children -- were entered in the books. Of this number, around 340,000 persons perished at Auschwitz and in the other camps.

Photo source: Bildungswerk Deutscher Zeitgeschichte, Germany

"Am 5. Juni 1985 war das BDZ zwecks Quellenstudien in Auschwitz und in Birkenau.

"Im Stammlager Auschwitz I haben wir im Saal 6 des sogenannten "Todesblock" (Block Smirci), an der Rückwand die umseitige [obige] viersprachige Wandtafel fotographiert.

"Der Text dieser Wandtafel läßt erhebliche Zweifel an der Glaubwürdigkeit der seither immer genannten Opferzahlen aufkommen.

Bildungswerk Deutscher Zeitgeschichte."

[Translation: On June 5, 1985 the BDZ (German Contemporary Historical Educational Trust) was at Auschwitz I and Birkenau to study source documents. In the main camp Auschwitz I we photographed (above) a plaque on the rear wall of Room 6, the so called Death Block, reading in four languages. The text of this wall plaque gives rise to considerable doubt as to the credibility of the numbers of victims always cited since then.]

Website comment: It is not known if the plaque has since been quietly removed. It accords closely with the figure stated in the 1947 Krakau trial of the principal Auschwitz criminals.

The German newsreel (Wochenschau) of judgment in Polish (Krakau) trial of the Auschwitz defendants, released January 8, 1948: "Altogether nearly 300,000 people from the most different nations died in the Auschwitz concentration camp." Text and translation | Video

Dear Mr. Idiot, [writes Sergey Romanov on Monday, March 7, 2005] as has been explained to you (and as the plaque itself clearly states), this number signifies only those registered in the camp; same with the Krakau trial. I don't see how one can be so freakin' dumb. The alternative is that you're consciously and purposefully lying.

Irving David Irving comments:

ROBUST language indeed. I am aware of that theory. But why commemorate only the "few" who were registered, and not the "many" who were not? Seems illogical, doesn't it?

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