Documents on the absurd Allied Propaganda Story that the Nazis turned Jews into Soap
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The "Soap" opera continues

Gaby Wening reports in The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles (Dec 28, 2001) on 75-year-old film-maker Lupu Gurman:

quotestartGurman is now distributing copies of his haunting documentary, Monuments of Soap, to all the branches of the Los Angeles Public Library. The film is a tour through the remnants of post-Holocaust European graveyards, examining the monuments that were erected to mark the burial of the soap that was made of Jewish flesh.quoteend
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Fact: even the most incorrigible conformist historians now acknowledge that the Nazis never made human bodies into soap. The initials RIF on their wartime utility soap bars stood for Reichsstelle Industrielle Fettversorgung, nothing else.


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