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$1,000 reward offer for proof Hitler knew of The Holocaust!
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SPECIAL NOTE: It is here again fair to draw the attention of researchers to the voluminous "Nizkor" Website created in Canada by Webmaster Ken McVay, and substantially funded by Canada's B'nai Brith organisation [on which see CJN story]. On the Nizkor site will be found not only the "other side of the story" on Auschwitz, but extensive original English-language documents on the Australian, Canadian, and German cases brought against David Irving at the instance of the ADL or their local agents. Researchers are invited to compare Nizkor's document selection with those presented on this FPP site, and to draw their own conclusions.

Nizkor Webmaster Kenneth McVay denies receiving funding from the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith, which has headquarters in New York and Washington; Nizkor maintains a base address at No. 462, 1150 North Terminal Avenue, Nanaimo, British Columbia, on the Pacific coast of Canada. The funding details on the actual site make plain that it is in fact partially funded by the ADL. McVay's telephone number is given as 416-966 0461, a Toronto telephone number, in eastern Canada. The domain servers are listed as and The name server,, is a corporation administered by (and financially accountable to) a Mr Golan Klinger who operates out of No. 263 Adelaide Street West, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario.

Virtual Tour of Auschwitz site

The Northwestern University (USA) publication The Monitor (Jan 2001) announces the availability of a novel resource, "Last Expression: Art from Auschwitz". You can take at its web site a visual reality tour of the Auschwitz site. [The site is optimized for Explorer and Windows; for Explorer and Macintosh you need Quick Time which is bundled with all recent Macintoshes]. Click on "Virtual Tour", then choose "Auschwitz-Birkenau Tours". Then choose either Auschwitz I or Auschwitz II, but first read carefully the information on the right. After choosing you will see a map of the Nazi camp with several red dots. If you click on one of these red dots you will (after what seems like an eternity if you don't have a high speed Internet connection), see a photo of contemporary Auschwitz. By following the directions carefully, you can see a 360 degree parnoaramic view. There are no new revelations but it is nice to know about. [Posted Jan 22, 2001]


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