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There have been hundreds of horrific stories from the gas chambers of Auschwitz and other Nazi camps. Here is a better side of the tragedy:

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This information is reportedly from the Los Angeles Times of April 20, 1997 and other sources


Can anybody confirm this? - David Irving, Saturday, July 31, 1999


"... I ALSO call your attention to the story of the Rabbi of Berlin, who during the war performed services for his congregation and even buried Jewish remains from the camp at Auschwitz. A German Gestapo officer, Alois Brunner, approved Rabbi Martin Riesenberg as chief Rabbi of Berlin. Rabbi Riesenberg served in this position until the end of the war in May 1945. At he end of the war there were still 7,500 Jews living legally in Berlin. Further, Rabbi Riesenberg was conducting religious services at the Berlin Jewish Cemetery. He was allowed to make Jewish calendars, mail notices for Synagogue services which ncluded funerals, processions, weddings etc.

"... The Jews of Berlin continued to use their cemetery in Berlin hroughout war. Jews at Auschwitz were assisted by the Germans in mailing urns of the ashes of cremated relatives back to the Rabbi for religious funerals and burial in Berlin."

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