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Documents on the arrest of revisionist historian DrFredrick Toben in Germany

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Arrest of Dr Fredrick Toben by Mannheim prosecutor April 9, 1999


New letter from Fred Toben

Adelaide Institute director Dr Fred Toben is held without trial in a German jail on account of materials posted on his Australian Website, to which the notorious German public prosecutor Hans-Heiko Klein [picture] had taken exception. Toben, an Australian revisionist, was arrested in Klein's Mannheim, Germany, office in April 1999. The letter has just [Saturday, July 31, 1999] reached London, evidently delayed by German censorship authorities:

7 June 1999

Dear David:

Greetings from Cell 1354 at Mannheim Prison, and thank you for your publicising my arrest on your website. Your print-out, together with about 50 related items and 30 greeting cards, now graces my cream-coloured cell walls. Although the stark reality of actual physical incarceration is still there, when I look at the various items, I momentarily imagine I am back home in my study.

I note in Dr Gerard Henderson's article in The Age/SMH, of April 27 that he quotes your ABC Radio AM comments of 10 April: "... naive and foolish in the extreme. But that's one of the endearing charms of the Australian people; they are nice, simple, innocent people who don't believe that ... in the Northern Hemisphere the laws are different."

"Freisler"-KleinAssuming that you have been correctly quoted let me say the following: I may be naive, but I nurture that kind of naiveté because it permits me to perceive things without mediation -- without crippling prejudice. Staatsanwalt Klein [right] is so obsessed with his 'Nazis under every bed' that he cannot open his mind to new and perhaps uncomfortable historical facts that threaten his much-loved Holocaust dogma. Live reflection becomes sterile ritualism which regards new information as a transgression -- revision does not take place and thus the mind stops thinking

My aim of bringing the conflicting parties together has only partially been successful. Still, I managed to speak to some judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers in Germany before Mr Klein stopped my work. I am appalled at their ignorance about the homicidal gas chamber allegation. This stupid concept of 'Offenkundigkeit' has dummed-down the Germans to a terrible degree -- even judges said to me that they were not really capable of judging the details of the gassing story as to their veracity because that is not necessary according to §130, et al.

As an educator I do not even give up on opening Mr Klein's eyes to the basic facts of my argument, though I fear that Mr Klein is actually well informed on all aspects of the Revisionists' theses. That is his moral problem -- he knows the truth but continues to persecute. I am tempted to generalise and say that his 'typical German' authoritarian mind-set prevents him from opening his mind to new impulses. A police officer has informed me that Klein used to play a good game of football at one time and that his politics has always been thoroughly left-wing. Well, I have a number of supporters who used to be 'left-wing' and have no love for Nazi ideology but seek the truth about those homicidal gas chambers allegations at Auschwitz. Again, as an educator, I do not give up on any student and I see Mr Klein as a naughty, unruly, and loutish unwilling learner who may be led to the light, away from his self-created conceptual prison as a self-confessed Nazi-hunter.

In 1997 I met Rabbi Cooper, Prof. Eberhard Jäckel, et al, and so came in contact with intellectuals who are in open denial about Auschwitz. Likewise this year -- I now understand why the Mannheim judiciary is traumatised because of the Deckert case, which saw Judge Orlet courageously give Deckert a good character-reference. This Orlet-paralysis is still deeply rooted within Mannheim-German judicial circles. However, I shall venture a prediction -- like yours of some years ago -- that the myth will not last up to the Year 2030 which is Ignatz Bubis' wish. We shall make certain that the truth will emerge a long time before that palatable for German consumption.

You see, David, like you, I seek the dialogue with my so-called 'enemy'. You were friendly and approachable towards Prof. Jäckel and Fleming -- until they broke the trust you had given them. I have certainly been disappointed by Mr Klein's immoral behaviour in having me arrested, but that is only a sign of this man's problem in being mentally challenged. He remains within his own conceptual prison -- he is not free. He has not, to my knowledge, ever embraced the Socratic method of enquiry, though his side-kicks, Messrs Schenker and Mohr claim to be familiar with Popper's falsification principles.

I'm amazed how an admission of fallibility is understood by some as a kind of weakness when in fact it admits that our knowledge acquisition is forever a growth process. For example, Mr Jeremy Jones, "the Foreign Minister of Australian Jewry" as you so aptly described him, stated in the May issue of The Australia/Israel Review: "Despite some of the more wide-eyed reportage, Fredrick Toben does not describe himself as an expert or authority in any area of history. To the contrary, he has written: 'I am not a historian and I have massive knowledge gaps and so I approach the 'holocaust' topic from my field which is philosophy." This comment causes me to smile because Jones regards you as a mere writer! I think it is obvious who has mental problems. Jones cannot produce 30-odd history books, as you can! And yet Jones doesn't like you either. Does he like anyone?

So, David, I'm nearing the end of this letter to you and wonder whether it will be used by Mr Klein as evidence that I am communicating with a most undesirable person -- who has also offended against that catch-all §130. Today I received a note from him in which I am advised that a letter from Jürgen Graf addressed to me has been withheld because its contents may be used against me in the coming trial.

Think of it, this typewriter was kindly provided by Günter Deckert's right-hand man, Eric Rössler. Does this make me an even greater 'extreme right-wing' fellow traveller? Guilty through association? All this Gesinnungsschnüffelung seems to me so childish, were it not such a serious matter of 5 years maximum!

Kant's obsession, if we can call it that, was to establish reason as a guide to human interaction. Liberation from one's own Unmündigkeit characterises a mature moral being. Klein wants to continue to bevormunden the Jewish Germans, as Jones wishes to do likewise in Australia. This, I would say, is a blatant antisemitic act. Jews are well capable of defending themselves when it comes to the matter of the homicidal gas chamber allegation. The claim of being hurt I do not accept anymore from those who have been in this battle as seasoned soldiers, such as Jones, et al.

The Littleton massacre was perpetrated by two youngsters who felt "hurt and insulted" by the way their co-students treated them at school. This morbid sense of feeling hurt, this lamentable claim of being a victim of discrimination, is an immature response to LIFE. What is needed in place of this discrimination concept is a resurrection of a sound sense of Justice. Whether I will be accorded justice in Germany before a judiciary that is still deeply traumatised by the Orlet-affair remains to be seen. Jones ends his article with an interesting bet both ways: "If Fredrick Toben is 'unlucky' in Germany, it will only be because he has received a fair trial". How can I receive a fair trial from judges who are not expert historians?


Frederick Toben


Fredrick Toben
Political Prisoner,
PO Box 103254,
D-68169 Mannheim,

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