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Posted Sunday, October 17, 1999

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Dr Fred Toben to Stand Trial in Germany on November 8

Adelaide, Australia, Oct 17 -- The Adelaide Institute revisionist website has announced that is director Dr Frederick Toben is to stand trial in Mannheim, Germany, on November 8 [1999].

Toben was arrested on April 8 in the offices of chief prosecutor Hans-Heiko Klein, described by some as Germany's "modern day Roland Freisler", by superintendant Mohr on a charge of "defaming the memory of the dead" , 'incitement to hatred'and other charges.

Under German law, no questioning is permitted of the orthodox story of the Holocaust: it is a criminal federal offense to do so.

According to the Institute, the trial raises several issues.

One is that of ENTRAPMENT. This arrest arose out of a private conversation between Toben and two German officials. At no time did Toben conduct rallies, speeches, or even conversations with ordinary German citizens casting doubt on the currently accepted version of events. Claims of 'incitement to hatred' are thus unsustainable

Another issue is FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET. "George Orwell," points out the Institute, "once said that free speech means the right to say what other people do not wish to hear."

Unless free speech is absolute, it is not free speech: it is conditioned speech or suppressed speech. The issue is that of free speech, not whether or not others agree or disagree with the viewpoint.

From the viewpoint of free speech, individuals who access Institute website should have the chance to weigh and consider its merit, without Orwell's "Big Brother" determining its acceptability for them.

This comes at a time when the Alston bill to censor free speech on the Internet has been cleared in the Australian Parliament and will come into force next year.

Third, the Internet is international, not owned by Germany. The German government takes the view that downloading files from the Australia-based Adelaide Institute onto a computer screen in Germany makes it subject to German law. This is like saying that something made in England which is sold in France automatically becomes French.

Fourth, Toben's robust political views are quite legal in Australia. His arrest states the Institute, is a violation of Dr Toben's rights. The Australian government has an obligation to demand his release. So far, it has only extended normal consular assistance to him.

The Adelaide Institute would like to thank many supporters from around the world for their financial and moral support. These statements are a rallying cry for revisionism as we enter the Twenty-First Century, -- Geoff. Muirden, Acting Director, Adelaide Institute

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