Documents on the Fight for Free Speech

February 16, 1966, Associated Press informs David Irving that not all the smear originated from their Press Release.


William E. Ahearn
Vice President
Executive Editor


February 16, 1996

Mr. David Irving
Key West, Fla.

Dear Mr. Irving:

Our London bureau forwarded the fax you had sent concerning an AP story datelined Oklahoma City. As to the three points you raise:

1. The paragraph in the story we transmitted to newspapers said:

"Jones wants to depose John Tynball, David Irving and Charles Sergeant, whom he identified as members of the British National Party, an extreme right-wing organization." In the story you faxed to AP, that paragraph was changed to read, in part: "and neo-Nazi journalist David Irving...."

2. That material is an accurate report of what the attorney said. AP and other news organizations reported it and had the right to report it.

3. AP's story does not contain the paragraph you cite in your fax and which is in the story you faxed.

I am faxing you a copy of the story AP transmitted.

I suggest you contact the newspaper that published that story and ask them about those two paragraphs.


[sgd] William Ahearn


50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020 212 621-1772 Fax 212 621-7543

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