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November 11, 1995, David Irving advises the US embassy FBI attache in London of a possible clue on the "Oklahoma" bombing


See too the Jewish Bulletin of NorthernCalifornia, March 9, 1996, in this Website's cesspit file.


The Jewish Telegraph Agency and similar London organisations (the Institute of Jewish Affairs) recklessly spread the rumour that David Irving was one of these "extremists" who had supplied the "trigger mechanism" for the Oklahoma city bomb to Timothy McVeigh. For a brief while this was accepted by McVeigh's lawyer. He later apologised to Mr Irving. The confidential letter, written to the US law-enforcement authorities via the FBI attaché at the American embassy in London, several months before the Jewish organisations started peddling their smear, shows clearly who was lying.

Focal Point Publications
81 Duke Street, London W1M 5DJ



London, Saturday, November 11, 1995
[8:02 PM]

Dear Mr Greenleaf

We publish books, including moderately right-wing historiography, and it has struck us that today we received a list of names from an American citizen, accompanied by the enclosed letter [not reproduced here], in which he lists 80 people with revisionist views for our mailing list. I have no idea of his source for these names, but among them is the name Brigite Nichols, spelt thusly, of "P 0 Box 189, Sperry, OK 74073."

I do not know if she is a relative of Terry Nichols. You may wish to pass this information, for what it is worth, confidentially to those investigating the tragedy at Oklahoma City.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving


To the U.S. Embassy.
-- attn.: James W Greenleaf,
Legal Attaché --
24 Grosvenor Square
London W1A 1AE

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