The International Campaignfor Real History
A forty-year Campaign of Terror and Smears

AFTER David Irving published his first book, The Destruction of Dresden, in 1963, a thirty-five year campaign of vilification began against him in the British and foreign press. He has always fought back.

February 16, 1996

From: David Irving, Key West. Florida

To: Mr Nick Farrell
111 Balls Ponds Road Please pass urgently
London N1 4BL      to Nick Farrell

Dear Nick,

Oklahoma City BombingI am being subjected to a deliberate international smear campaign. You may have seen the tip of it in the Sunday Times the last two weeks. At the behest of You-Know-Who, the story is being put around deliberately in the USA that I was involved in the Oklahoma tragedy. It is about as nasty a smear as can be imagined. I have people doing computer searches for me to track down the culprits: we have narrowed the search down to either the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith In New York, or the Board of Deputies of British Jews (or both), against whom I am about to issue a libel writ in connection with a 50 pp. report smearing me which they con-fidentially supplied in 1992/3 to the Canadian authorities with the intention of getting me banned from that country. (I got the report by Access to Information legislation).

I am negotiating with [Anthony] Julius of Mishcon's the solicitors for the Board on the latter matter. I have a wad of material on this Oklahoma smear, and if you are willing to investigate further I'll fax it to you. What the USA press is publishing is horrendous: one example attached (alleging that I may have supplied the detonator used...). I have got to fight back, or be buried in a mudslide.

AP in New York have convinced me that they did not plant the lies. I think this is not unconnected with the fact that my Dr Goebbels biography is about to be published in the UK and New York, restoring my world-wide renown as an historian.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

Nick Farrell had written a very positive feature profile of Davuid Irving in the Sunday Telegraph in 1992, signing himself "Mandrake."

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