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The German Embassy thanks the Board of Deputies for a Manuscript of the Writer David Irving (which they have Illicitly Obtained)

November 9, 1992

From the Secret Files of the Australian Government in Canberra

Don't ask us what these documents were doing in those files.

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Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

23, Belgrave Square/Chesham Place
London, SW1X 8PZ

Mr. Neville Nagler
Chief Executive
The Board of Deputies
of Jewish Jews
Woburn House
Tavistock Square
London WC1H OEZ

9 November 1992 Ku/Hi Ref.: POL 320.15/3

Dear Mr Nagler

Thank you so much for your two letters of 21 October and 3 November 1992.[1] In the meantime I have forwarded the manuscript of David Irving to the German authorities.[2] It is indeed regrettable that such an irresponsible person still succeeds in entering Germany despite an official interdiction. This is, as you are well aware, mainly due not to a lack of zeal of the German border officials, but to the fact that borders within the EC are open, which leads - as the case of David Irving shows - also to some undesirable results.

Yours sincerely

(Gerhard Kunz)

This Website comments:-

  1. These letters are not yet on file.
  2. Mr Irving had not provided any manuscript to the Board of Deputies of Jews. Either they had stolen one, using hired thieves like Gerald Gable to perform the task or, less probably, the reference is to the infamous and libellous "Intelligence Reports" on David Irving which the Board had already planted on other foreign governments. Mr Irving wrote to the German embassy demanding the return of the stolen property. They did not reply to or even acknowledge his letters. The ambassador Herr von Richthofen forbade him to write further, earning from Mr Irving a letter comparing him with Ribbentrop -- and "we all know what happened to him."

EVERY subject now has the statutory right under the Data Protection Act, 1984, to give the Board of Deputies forty days' notice in writing to provide copies of all data maintained by the Board on them, and to require the Board to make such corrections as the subject concerned may require.
Subjects who suspect that they are being victimised should write in the first instance by Recorded Mail to the Research Unit, Board of Deputies of British Jews, marking their letter for the attention of Michael Whine, Director, Research Unit, Commonwealth House, 1 - 19 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1NF.
If the Board refuses to give satisfaction within forty days, the subject should then complain in writing to the
Registrar of the Data Protection Agency, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF; the agency has statutory powers to search and seize databases in the event of non compliance with the Act.

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