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What Caused Mr Epstein's Problem: a message from David Irving to Mr E's pals on the Internet

From David Irving


Subject: A message about H-Holocaust

Saturday, April 1, 2000

Gentlemen, you have the odious Gabriel Schoenfeld's postings on H-Holocaust to thank for this message from me. A number of you have commented on (a) my writings and historical research, and (b) my lawsuit against the liar Deborah Lipstadt.

First (b): if she chose to peddle her lies -- many of which she has not even attempted to justify in court -- in Britain for her own personal profit, then she cannot squeal if I use the offices of the British law courts to seek relief. Unlike me, she did not have the courage to go into the witness box to expose her work to scrutiny and cross-examination. Her chosen "experts" turned out to be very hollow friends indeed, with a very limited knowledge of history (and in some cases, even of the German language!)

Those of you who have been following the trial will be aware of these facts. (I am SURE none of you would risk expressing an opinion based only on what you read in the press, let alone in that rag, "Commentary"; and those of you who took the trouble to read the transcripts might appreciate the fact that you did so courtesy of moi -- that I paid over six thousand dollars out of my own pocket to the court reporters for permission to post those verbatim transcripts on the Internet. They are at

Now for (a): before you rush to judgment on my works, try reading them. Oh, you won't find the most recent (Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich) in your US public library, because free-speech lover Deborah Lipstadt and her ADL cronies bludgeoned St Martin Press and Doubleday Inc. (who had selected it as their Book of the Month) into breaching their publishing contract with me in April 1996. Ironic that she's whinging about suppression of free speech now, ain't it? But you will find my major works as free downloads on my website at

I wonder how many of you fine gentlemen are willing to do that -- to give away your priceless research -- in books you have sweated over for up to ten or twenty years?

Oh, I forgot: Mr Mott [Jim Mott, Webmaster of H-Holocaust] doesn't publish the writings of "deniers" on his discussion group. Just the ad hominem attacks on them. Very broadminded of him. How very un-fascist. Never mind, you read this all the same.

David Irving
Focal Point Publications
81 Duke Street
London W1M 5DJ