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flag A heads up for Down Under: for readers in Australia and NZ

READERS should be aware that the New Zealand journalist Philip Matthews who may contact them about Dr Hayward is working for the newspaper The Listener, and writing on behalf of a special interest group which is trying to destroy Dr Hayward's career.

Joel Hayward: NZ Journalist Philip Matthews asks Martin Lally (a New Zealand academic*) how his correspondence is being leaked to this website...

[* Professor Martin Lally, Associate Professor at Victoria University's School of Economics and Finance, organised the petition criticising the actions of the University of Canterbury.]


Thursday, September 4, 2003 10:28

Dear Martin,

As you are probably aware, I am preparing a follow-up story on Joel Hayward, Thomas Fudge etc. I have two brief questions for you:

1) Have any more signatories attached their names to the petition since it appeared in newspapers last week?

2) A copy of your recent correspondence with Richard Evans appears on the website of David Irving. Did you supply this copy to Irving?

Many thanks, Philip


Wednesday, September 3, 2003 6:30 PM

Dear Philip

I am happy to respond to any questions that you have on this matter. Re the two questions here:

1. The number of signatories is now 100 compared to the earlier 63, and will soon be sent as a follow up to the Canterbury Council and Professor Sharp.

2. I have NOT supplied this correspondence with Richard Evans to David Irving, nor have I ever supplied Mr Irving with anything nor had correspondence with him at any point. However I copied the correspondence with Richard Evans to about 300 people, so it isn't a surprise that it has travelled to such places. If you study the entire correspondence with Richard Evans, you will see that all of it concerns Canterbury's processes rather than the contents of Joel Hayward's thesis, in respect of which my opinion is not only that of a complete non-expert but is indicated in my original email to Professor le Grew in Feb 2001 ("I found the conclusions very radical and stronger than the supporting evidence would have suggested"). You are welcome to a copy of any of this correspondence that you are lacking.

On the latter question, I have already privately commented to some people that I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to smear me by association. I trust that you are not completely unaware of that possibility, and will act with appropriate scepticism in this area.

I trust you also understand that if Richard Evans suggested that 1 + 1 = 3, and John Smith pointed this error out, then John Smith's statement on the matter would also be likely to appear on Mr Irving's website, no doubt with a sexy title. Neither Richard Evans nor anyone else deserves protection from questions over Canterbury's processes, or suggestions of error in it, merely because the other party could find their statement or question appearing on David Irving's website.

Cheers, Martin

PS: This email has been copied to various address books




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