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 Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002

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WHO owns and controls the Polish press today? Is it any different from the situation in the rest of the world? Bruno Chapski suggests that it is not.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Another Case History of Democracy and Her Freedoms

by Bruno Chapski
Special to AR-Online

IT is generally acknowledged by scholars that Poland's press -- owned chiefly by foreign interests -- is in the Polish language, but heavily "influenced" by Jewish cultural goals.

Poland's equivalent of The New York Times is Gazeta Wyborcza. But Gazeta Wyborcza is controlled by Adam Michnik. And Adam Michnik, a former Trotskyite, once attended Trotskyist International Congresses.

His family was a famous Central European communist entity. His brother was a notorious communist judge who after WW II convicted and sentenced to death Polish soldiers; he had them hanged as anti-communists. He now resides in Sweden, under the new name of Swedowicz.

And you thought the "nemesis of mankind" controlled only the American, Canadian, English, and French media? As you learn more, it gets more interesting. So, let's move on.

Adam Michnik's father was a member of the Polish Secret Police; his name was Shekter (Schechter). Professor Andrzej Lawrowski, director of the Instytute Spolczesnych Bandan Problemow Kapistelatycznych (Institute of Research on the Problems of Capitalism) would often assert in private -- as did large numbers of scholars -- that post World War II Poland had over a million Jews.

Whatever the truth of that may be, it is certain that the media in the Polish language is similar to that in Hungary, Germany and the United States.

Consequently, those attempting to get elected in Poland, face the same problems as those in America; mainly, an image problem.

Individuals with large followings, such as Bolek Tejkowski, are often placed in a psychiatric institute for alleged anti-Semitism, or subjected to adverse publicity.

At this very moment, as you read this, today's Polish-language media and politicians are vociferously protesting one particular candidate in Poland's presidential campaign, General Tadeusz Wilecki. Why? He once praised Hitler's housing policy and public employment endeavors. These remarks by the once-highly regarded General Wilecki "should end his career before it even begins," said a spokesman for Poland's ruling Solidarity bloc. Wilecki is currently projected to receive only one percent of the vote in the October election. Newspapers mock him.

Poland's president, incidentally, is a Mr. Kwasniewski. His father's original name was Stolzman. Stolzman-Kwasniewski was also once a hard-core communist. Today the press has given him a George W Bush-like TV image. He's a personal friend of Adam Michnik. So much for the so-called democratic process.

Could that be one of the reasons why half the population of some of these so-called democratic countries don't vote. They just don't believe in their elected politicos.

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