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 Posted Friday, January 7, 2000

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THE WIENER LIBRARY was founded during World War II by Dr Alfred Wiener, a briliant émigré from Nazi Germany. He received funding from Mr Churchill's wartime government to establish the library as an arm of Britain's propaganda effort. They have continued this charitable work to the present day, and recently received millions of pounds from the government's lottery fund.


Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library Limited

4 Devonshire Street, London W1N 2BH

Telephone 0171-636 7247 Fax 0171-436 6428 e-mail:


Director Professor David Cesarani            Academic Consultant  Professor Walter Laqueur


5th January 2000
David Irving
81 Duke Street

Dear Mr. Irving,

I have received two recent letters from you regarding the diary of Dr. Kremer from Auschwitz and whether you can have access to it. As you have described the library as a "Jewish-émigré propaganda library", our director as a "particularly venomous journalist" (quoted at and a member of our executive committee as "an intellectual thug", (quoted at it is not felt appropriate that we allow you to use our resources.

Yours Sincerely

Colin Clarke


Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library Ltd is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee.
Registered with the Charity Commissioners No. 313015

Mr Irving has replied, Friday, January 7, 2000 :

Thank you. Please confirm for the purposes of this High Court action that you do have in your custody a copy of the diary of Dr Kremer referred to. You have of course liberally assisted the defendants in the High Court action of which you are aware.


Now here's a thought: D'you feel that the U.K. Charities Commission should be reminding the Wiener Library of its responsibilities? Why not e-mail the Commissioners? First browse the commission's Webpage, then review the law, then send a brief complaint to the Commission using this pre-addressed form:

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