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Bernie M. Farber has an explanation, Thursday, January 23, 2003, for how his father survived



Bernie Farber explains how his father survived

In YOUR usual disgusting rant you cast aspersions against both my family and me.

While I will ignore your customary boorishness, your allegations against my father deserved to be answered if only to set the record straight (not that I expect this will see the light of day on your site....If it does I anticipate your usual ugly comments to follow).

My father along with a number of other Jewish men in the Bothki ghetto were attempting to secure food for the children on the night the ghetto was liquidated along with other nearby ghettos.

His wife and children were apprehended separately from him. Clearly he had no idea what happened to them. The issue is fully detailed in my presentation.

This notwithstanding, your attempt to ridicule and belittle my family's tragedy is shameful though from you totally expected.

Bernie M. Farber
Executive Director
Canadian Jewish Congress
Ont. Region

phone: 416-635-2883 x186 www.cjc.ca


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Irving David Irving comments:

"My father along with a number of other Jewish men in the Bothki ghetto were attempting to secure food for the children"[*] -- that is an explanation which comes straight out of the Winona Ryder Cookbook of Plausible Explanations that Somehow Fail to Convince.

* In his talk at Northwestern University Chicago, in Jan. 2003 farber was quoted as saying that his father and a cousin "survived by jumping off a train headed for a concentration camp, while the rest of his family was killed in a Nazi gas chamber."

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