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Document Obtained by Law

from Canadian Government files

Deportation from Canada

Documents Released Under the Access to Information Act
by the Federal Department of Citizenship and Immigration in 1994

On October 9, 1992 the Canadian Government sent a letter to Mr Irving in Los Angeles by courier, purporting to advise him he was banned from Canada. The grounds they advanced were spurious.

Handwritten at top:

"OCT 28th. Discuss w/RBJ & assign."


Canadian Consulate General
Immigration Section


09 October 1992

Mr. Ian David Irving
c/o Institute for Historical Review
1822-1/2 Newport Blvd., suite 191
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Mr. Irving,

This is further to public announcements indicating that you plan to come to Canada to speak publicly in the near future..

The Canadian Department of Employment and Immigration has asked me to advise you that on the basis of information available to us we believe that you are inadmissible to Canada by virtue of Section 19 of the Immigration Act. Section 19 states (in part) that:

"No person shall be granted admission who is a member of any following classes...

19(2) (a) persons who have been convicted of an offence that, if committed in Canada, constitutes or, if committed outside Canada, would constitute an offence that may be punishable by way of indictment under any other Act of Parliament and for which a maximum term of imprisonment of less than ten years may be imposed

19(1) (d) (i) persons who there are reasonable grounds to believe will commit one or more offences punishable by way of indictment under any Act of Parliament."

Therefore, should you appear at a Canadian Port of Entry or come to the attention of an immigration officer in Canada, you will be reported on the grounds that your admission would be contrary to the Immigration Act. An immigration inquiry will be directed with a view to effecting your removal from Canada.

Yours truly,



300 South Grand Avenue Suite 1000 Los Angeles CA 90071 • (213) 887-4310 ext. 3444 • Fax ((218) 625-7154

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