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David Irving and Erich von B. offer for sale an unusual collection of rare original Nazi documents from the very highest level of the Reich



David Irving says:

"I personally guarantee that each and every one of these documents is an authentic document of the Hitler era."

PREAMBLE: In the 1980s US citizen Erich von B purchased from the family of a former US Army officer a footlocker (trunk) of original documents which the officer had brought back from Germany. He had been a staff officer in the evidence analysis section of the US Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality at Nuremberg, the war crimes trial proceedings. Some of the documents have the easily recognisable microfilm machine-pagination for microfilming, others never even got that far.

Initially the owner agreed with Mr Irving's view that the first offer should be made to the German Federal Archives. Those talks have now broken down, and the collection will be sold to individuals. The total value of the collection is set at fifty thousand dollars, but offers for parts will be considered; if broken up, it will sell for considerably more.

They include original papers of Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, the Gestapo, and the SS.

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A dossier on a collection of Nazi documents acquired by Erich von B. (a US citizen in California)


Selected correspondence with the owner

The documents [click each flag for fuller details]

Rudolf Hess - Deputy Führer, who flew to Scotland in May 1941 on a hopeless mission to end the war

Alfred Rosenberg - Chief Party theoretician and ideologue; editor of Völkischer Beobachter; Minister for occupied Eastern Territories, 1941-1944.

Franz von Papen - Eminence grise; Hitler's Vice Chancellor until 1934, then ambassador in Vienna and Ankara

Dr Leonardo Conti Chief surgeon of the Reich; in charge of euthanasia program

Dr Roland Freisler and Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Dr Nadler (concerning Reich officials of Jewish origin)

Fritz Sauckel Gauleiter and head of manpower allocation

Dr Hjalmar Schacht Chief banker and financier of the Reich's rearmament

Kurt Daluege SS Police General; Chief of Ordnungspolizei

Dr Karl Brandt Hitler's personal surgeon

Fritz Rainer Gauleiter of Kärnten, Austria

Reichskommissar Wimmer

Martin Bormann Head of Nazi party; Hitler's secretary

Dr Wilhelm Scheidt deputy chief historian of the Wehrmacht; Rittmeister

War Crimes documents

Ernst Röhm and the SA

Hans Frank

Reich Propaganda Ministry


Contact the owner
Contact David Irving

"Irving is a historisches Trüffelschwein," groused the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives) in a press release after he donated the Adolf Eichmann papers to them in January 1992 -- and the archives hinted darkly that he had "contacts to the political right wing" to thank for his good fortune in finding such nuggets.

Rudolf Hess

covering letter from the Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD, signed by Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller to the SS judge on Heinrich Himmler's staff enclosing Hess, Himmler, Hitler, Schaubthe complete files on the four officers and men on Rudolf Hess' personal staff (Lutz, Sorof, Lippert, and Platzer) consisting of the interrogations, biographies, and information provided by them regarding Hess' flight to Scotland. Extensive content -- test flight information, Hess' calls to the meteorological office for weather forecasts, etc. There is a full note for Himmler on the reverse of the letter in the handwriting of SS Gruppenführer Karl Wolff outlining the cases, noting that Bormann was involved in the outcome, and that the SS members were to be sent to a concentration camp. [Summary of the file's contents]. Each file and document is stamped 'Geheime Reichssache' (the highest secret designation). See David Irving: Hess, the Missing Years for more information about these SS members. to top


Alfred Rosenberg

  • Cover letter to Adolf Hitler from Rosenberg re the attached reports urging action against Bolshevism-signed by Rosenberg
  • RosenbergProposal to Adolf Hitler for the creation of a world Anti-bolshevik congress-reviews the reasons and support of many countries, specific reaction in each country to Jewish influence, Freemasonry, and Bolshevism. 3 large pages, signed by Rosenberg
  • Personal letter to Adolf Hitler-protocol re the conversations with Major Dutton during the Reichsparteitag at the recommendation of Adolf Hitler: 12 pages signed by Rosenberg (Dutton was the political counselor in North Rhodesia and a friend of Neville Chamberlain. Much content about the discussions pertaining to British colonies, Winston Churchill, Lord Lloyd, the dangers of Bolshevism, etc.)
  • Five 1939 Aktennotizen (memoranda) from Rosenberg to Hitler recording conversations with Baronet de Ropp of the British Air Ministry (again trying to find a contact for a treaty with England) at the urging of Hitler. Typed on on the special large format 'Führer typewriter'. (Also another report on the conversations with the Baronet on standard size paper.) to top


Franz von Papen

  • August 1935 typed report to Adolf Hitler re activities and inspections in Austria, pro-German Austrian attititude. Hand-carried by courier to Adolf Hitler, signed by von Papen.
  • April 1936 political report to Adolf Hitler re Austrian visit by German military delegation, King of Spain's approval of new Germany and his desire to meet with Adolf Hitler, comments about Dr. Kurt Schuschnigg, conversation notes with Sir Austen Chamberlain re English/French concessions in the occupied Rheinland. Hand carried by courier to Adolf Hitler, signed by von Papen.
  • January 1935 confidential letter to Adolf Hitler on behalf of von Papen's former aide von Tschirschky, under arrest by the Gestapo since the "Night of the Long Knives," June 30, 1934. Asks that he be tried fairly in a public court, notes that Reinhard Heydrich has issued special orders pertaining to von Tschirschky, requests that the latter's Berlin indiscretions be overlooked. Signed by von Papen.

Note: This item is mentioned in von Papen's memoirs -- he was shown the letter at the Nuremberg trials and observed that he had not seen it since 1935.

  • von Tschirschky's original report of the occurrences on and around June 30, 1934, signed by von Tschirschky.
  • Onion-skin file copy of von Tschirschky's letter to von Papen, requesting his help in this matter.
  • Original Nuremberg trial photocopy of letter from von Tschirschky to Adolf Hitler -- cover letter for "original report" above.
  • Nuremberg trial photocopy of letter from von Papen to Adolf Hitler which accompanied above item.
  • Pencil written report by Count Zedlitz for the trial, extolling von Papen's virtues to top


Dr Leonardo Conti

  • Original letter to Dr. med. L. Conti requesting the decision about the possibility of allowing abortions in the case of inherited disease or 'racial indications'.
  • Onionskin file copy of response to above from Dr. Conti, dated January 8, 1945, stamped 'Dr. med. L. Conti'. to top


Dr Roland Freisler and Ernst Kaltenbrunner

File in original Reichsjustizministerium folder -- 'Graf von Galen'. Galen was the Archbishop of Münster, a thorn in the flesh of the Nazis, being investigated by the Sicherheitsdienst.

  • Sicherheitsdienst (SD) files of 'treasonous' sermons by Bishop von Galen of May 30, 1937, signed by SS Untersturmführer D. Dietrich
  • Report to Justice Ministry re his sentence and discusses the wording of it. Signed and notated by Dr. Roland Freisler, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, and several unidentified individuals. to top


Dr Nadler

  • Original mimeographed circular letter addressing the issue of Government officials found to be partly Jewish, dated December 18, 1936, from Dr. Nadler -- several sets of initials indicate that it was reviewed. to top


Fritz Sauckel

  • Report signed by Reinhold Grabow, director of the Bata AG, against Gauleiter Saukel to Justice Robert H Jackson dated August 30, 1945. Concerns the 'Zentralhandelgesellschaft Ost' and slave labor conditions in the east. Includes Nuremberg trial English translation. to top


Dr Hjalmar Schacht

  • Monograph-observations about Germany's leading industrialists, signed and dated 24. July 1945
  • Monograph-personal experiences with National Socialism, signed
  • Original Nuremberg trial photocopy of Schacht's report on top NSDAP officials to top


Kurt Daluege

  • Letter to Daluege from Minister-Counsel of the Interior Ministry Dr. Metzner, signed by him and initialed by Daluege and with miscellaneous stampings from his office.
  • Onionskin file copy of Daluege's response, initialed by Daluege to top


Dr Karl Brandt:

  • Monograph, The Women in Hitler's life -- 18 pages, signed
  • Report about Martin Bormann -- 7 pages, signed
  • Report about Hitler's staff -- 3 pages, signed
  • Report about Hitler's influence on the German population -- signed
  • Report about Hitler's military leadership capabilities -- signed to top


Fritz Rainer -(Gauleiter of Kärnten)

  • Onionskin file copy of letter to Rainer from Bishop Andreas Rohracher on the proposed resettlement and anti-partisan actions
  • Letter from Rainer to the Bishop countering the Bishop's points and complaints, signed by Rainer to top


Reichskommissar Wimmer

  • Reichskommisar of the Occupied Netherlands: One letter to an unidentified Reichsminister [Seyss-Inquardt?], with instructions if the Allies land in the Netherlands, signed by Wimmer (formerly on Himmler's staff) to top


Martin Bormann

  • Führerhauptquartier, memorandum dated January 29, 1944 -- "Securing the future of the German People" -- compiled by Bormann, notes that in discussion with Hitler many points were brought up in this regard, e.g. encouraging single women to have children, new protocol terminology to treat unmarried mothers as married. Onionskin file copy, the word 'Geheim' handwritten by Bormann, typed, "sgd. Bormann". to top


Dr Wilhelm Scheidt

  • Monograph compiled for Hitler by his chief historian, a 68-page report on "The Destiny of Coalition." to top


War Crimes documents

  • Onion-skin copy, proclamation written by Sonderführer Kuining of the German Press Commission about the investigation of 'Nazi War Crimes' in POW camps and occupied countries. Documents specific war crimes committed by the SS, as witnessed by Army personnel. Numerous other miscellaneous papers, original photocopies from the trials, reports, graphs, tables, etc. for use by the trial document analysts. to top


Ernst Röhm and the SA

  • This is a file of correspondence from Nazi to SA-Gruppenführer Hanns Ludin. (For more on Ludin, see Ernst von Salomon, Fragebogen). Ludin was known to Hitler from pre 1933; at Ludin's trial as an Army cadet, accused of dispensing NS propaganda, Hitler appeared as a witness for him. The best pieces are...
  • The original historic telegram summoning all SA high leaders to meet for Ernst Röhm's fateful conference at Bad Wiessee on June 30, 1934 at the Pension Hanslbauer, and
  • A long letter of explanation and defence from Ludin to SS Brigadeführer Dr Stahlecker, of the SD political police, outlining the events of June 30 to July 1, 1934 and explaining why he had not detained an SA Führer who was being sought by the SD. to top


Hans Frank

  • Several items signed personally by Hans Frank, notorious governor of the Generalgouvernement, Polandto top

Reich Propaganda Ministry

A packet of circulars from the Reichspropaganda Ministry.

  • A packet dated July 2, 1941 regarding the Propagandaaktion 'Führer befiehl, wir folgen!" -- a huge amount of detail about how to explain the Russian campaign to the public, including what information to disseminate by word of mouth, newspaper, radio, what films should be shown, etc.
  • A follow up from the Reichspropagandaleiter endorsed 'Persönlich, Streng Vertraulich" to the Reichsleiter and Gauleiter der NSDAP, dated August 24, 1941 and receipt-stamped by the Kanzlei Rosenberg is signed below (as a circular) by Kaltenbrunner and Hans Frank. Also by Rüdiger (possibly Hans Rüdiger, Ministerialrat?), and Dr. Stellrecht. to top

There are also a few other documents that were placed in folders behind other pieces, so there are several more pieces. For example,

  • SS circulars (mimeographed) about SS marriages, relationship with native females of the occupied countries, etc.
  • An open letter (mimeographed) from Rudolf Hess to the men of the SS.
  • A letter to Ministerialrat A. Bäumcker of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Air Ministry) from Prof. Dr. Ing. Hans Thoma marked 'Geheime Kommandosache' with attachments (prior letters) pertaining to a visit to the Technische Hochschule for research, pertaining to engines, electrical systems, wind tunnels, etc. Signature on the cover letter is by Thoma.
  • An official letter to Rosenberg (in the capacity of 'Beauftragen des Führers für die Überwachung der gesamten geistigen u. weltanschaulichen Erziehung der NSDAP' (try fitting that on a business card) dated April 8, 1941 from Hilgenfeldt (Winterhilfswerk) about the 'Einnahmen und Leistungen des Winterhilfswerkes und der NS. Volkswohlfahrt.'
  • A letter dated Februar 12, 1936 from Gauleiter Grohé (Köln-Aachen) to Göring with the notes of a conversation between Dr. Erdmann (the foreign political editor of his Westdeutschen Beobachter) and the French Generalkonsul in Köln. Grohé feels that Göring will find them interesting; Göring has written 'Sofort an Führer' on the page. The notes outline the French feelings about the neutral zone (Rheinland), German military building plans, potential embargoes, etc. 8 pages in all, with handwritten Nürnberg trial numbers. to top

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