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Author: Claire Kahane

Can anyone verify or dispute what I have just been told by a photography curator: that the Russians who liberated Auschwitz dressed local Poles in prison uniforms in order to take photos of their liberation of the camp, since their were no prisoners walking around? Claire Kahane
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Author: Gabor Hirsch

Thu, 28 Oct 1999 09:52:20 -0500

I CAN'T either support nor deny this statement. But I remember being liberated in Auschwitz/Birkenau that as a child (15 years old) I was taken by a Soviet military firstaid-man to the barbed wire for film documentation.

I believe to recognize this event, being supported by the soldier in white and covered with blanket. An olderly man from my hometown Jenoe W. was also filmed by transporting death, or sicks. The films were taken by the film operators of the Soviet Army by N. Bykow, K. Katub-Zade, A. Pawlow and A. Woroncow, later photographs were taken by Henryk Makerowicz, a soldier of the Polish Army in the late days of January 1945.

I heard also rumours that some of the pictures of the liberation were taken at a later time, one of the pictures was taken in the main camp Auschwitz were as well my son and I found independently many similarities with a boy standing at the barbed wire, but this picture must have been taken many weeks after the liberation it is still exhibited in one of the Blocks (6?) in the main camp.

Best regards

Gabor Hirsch


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