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Yurman: Media and Holocaust Denial


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Author: Alan Jacobs

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2000

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The News Media & Holocaust Denial A Case in Point: Irving v. Lipstadt by Dan Yurman. © Dan Yurman 2000

With an Index to Holocaust Denial Trial Media Coverage

Description by author:

This is a story of the intersection of the content of history, the Internet, and the news media. It is a story of how a British writer trying to deny decades of madness and human suffering in the last century nearly drove the US & UK news media crazy.

The case in point is the Holocaust denial libel trial of Irving v. Lipstadt which ended on April 11th with a victory for Prof. Deborah Lipstadt over David Irving. It is a story of how an American historian, and her publisher, refusing to settle and take the easy way out, instead drew a line in the sand and emerged from the trial with a triumph of honor over elegance.

This is also a story of how two other people used the occasion of the trial to pursue the issues of historical content and meaning on the Internet, and especially to follow what the news media said about the trial and how well it did its job.

Immeasurable appreciation and thanks to Krysia Jacobs, the publisher and webmaster of Idea for her unstinting dedication and tireless pursuit of excellence.

Alan Jacobs, Editor


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Mr Irving writes:

AT risk of being politically incorrect, a small prize is offered or the first reader to spot what common factor links every single name (apart from minie) in the back-slapping, school-of-mutual-congratulation-page above...

... to which William Carson responds Sunday, May 28, 2000:

All those back clapping people at Idea: the journal of social issues are promoting their own hidden agenda under the pseudo-intellectual periodical! Surprise, surprise! Actually, their hidden agenda, full of bias, is quite easily recognized! All are staff and editors of the aforementioned journal. But, we must perhaps give Krysia Jacobs her full name, which is Krysia Hnatowicz; editor along with Alan Jacobs! Oh, and of course Dan Yurman is a regular contributor. I would like to forego the prize, as this was too easy!

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