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Thursday, April 8, 2004

Andrew Cunningham papers in British Library, London

Great Russell St, WC1. Tel. 020 7636 1544 ext 367.

Additional MS 52561 Correspondence with Admiral Sir Dudley Pound 1940-1943


SS-G notes: 'Read from page 87 onwards as David Irving note indicated that he had seen the file up to this point.'


mailLetter Pound to Cunningham, 28th December 1941: 'Part of the trouble is that we are given no credit at home. I fear the Prime Minister's speech on the supplies at Tobruk made all out here in the Service very angry.'


mailLetter Pound to Cunningham, 28 December 1942: 'As far as ability is concerned, I consider that Willis rather than Syfret should have relieved Moore, but I am convinced that he would not have been a success with either the Prime Minister or the Cabinet.'


mailLetter, Cunningham to Pound, 15 March 1943: re Admiral Harwood 'He withstood the Prime Minister on the question of the French Fleet at Alexandria. Quite rightly in my opinion -- so did I when the Prime Minister was here and subsequent events have shown how right we were.' Letter headed Office of CinC Med


mailLetter Somerville to Pound, 19 September 1943, 'On the other hand I was able to give him some idea of the background at Washington and the insistence of the Prime Minister at that conference that we should not neglect any opportunities presented as a result of HUSKY. As you are aware the Prime Minister had sent Smuts a most cordial invitation to pay a visit to the United Kingdom and I pressed him to accept this (...). Lord Harlech [Sir David Ormsby-Gore] was present at this interview but his contributions to the discussions were somewhat on the level of a breezy but ill informed schoolmaster. . . .Harlech would retaliate with some fatuous generality.'

The above material has been researched by David Irving for the third volume of his Churchill biography, "Churchill's War", vol. iii: "The Sundered Dream."

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