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Thursday, April 8, 2004

Andrew Cunningham papers in British Library, London

Great Russell St, WC1. Tel. 020 7636 1544 ext 367.

Add MS 52572 - Correspondence 1945


mailLetter from Cunningham to Sir Bruce Fraser 5th July 1945 'D. You will probably have seen the most unhelpful signal from the Australian Prime Minister to the PM here [Churchill] on the subject of support for the British Pacific Fleet. They seem to wish to take less and less part in the war. They are also reducing their army to three divisions - but you probably know more about this than I do'.


mailLetter [Rear Admiral Louis] 'Turtle' Hamilton to Cunningham 2nd August 1945 'The Election was a bit of a shatterer but I'm not sure it's not a blessing in disguise, as Attlee won't produce the houses in time anyhow!'


mailLetter Churchill to Cunningham 8th August 1945 'I have been granted the privilege of sending in my Resignation List of Honours, and it is my earnest desire that my three great friends the Chiefs of Staff should receive some recognition of my initiative of the work we have done together in these long and anxious years. I hope therefore that you will allow me to submit your name to the King for a Barony the Prime Minister approves the action I am taking in this respect. Perhaps you will let me know your wishes at the earliest moment.'


mailCunningham's reply to WSC letter dated 9th August 1945 'I am very honoured to be included among your friends and I would be churlish indeed if I refused what you offer in such generous terms. I therefore gratefully accept. May I take this opportunity of saying how privileged and honoured I feel to have worked under you and how very deeply I regret that circumstances have not permitted this, to me, most proud association to continue until the end of the war. I shall never forget the kindness and consideration you showed to one who after all is but an indifferent staff officer.'

The above material has been researched by David Irving for the third volume of his Churchill biography, "Churchill's War", vol. iii: "The Sundered Dream."

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