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Saturday, April 3, 2004

Chaim Weizmann's meetings with Mr Churchill. December 1944

[Source: US National Archives, RG-226, OSS files].


14 December 44




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Source: S-1

PALESTINE: Political

Dr.Weizman's Projected Visit to America

1. In the course of a recent conversation with a friend, Dr. Weizman mentioned that he was planning to visit the U.S.A. in about two months' time. Before going, however, he said he was anxious to see Dr. Robert Nathan, economist, in order to discuss with him various plans for the development of Palestine. Among these plans were those contained in Lowdermilk's "Palestine - Land of Promise". When he reached America he intended to see President Roosevelt and representatives of the government with a view to seeking their aid for the prosecution of his plans. Mr. Churchill himself, he said, had recommended him to adopt this course .

2. A second source reports that Dr. Weizman also discussed his projected visit to the U.S.A. at a recent meeting of the [Jewish] Agency Executive. He had said that Mr. Churchill had told him that, in spite of his own sympathy with Zionism, he could do little more to help the Movement owing to opposition from many of the leading elements in the Conservative Party. Dr. Weizman therefore believed that future help from the British Government could only be obtained if strong pressure were brought to bear by the United States. With this end in view he was planning both intensive and extensive activities in America. He would not, however, neglect any opportunity of improving relations with the Conservative Party in Great Britain.


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   07 March 1984

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that the practical assistance which Zionists could hope to receive from America consisted in three measures:


(a) The passing of a Joint Palestine Resolution by Congress;
(b) A personal request by the President to the Prime Minister that a solution to the Palestine problem should be found in the near future; and
(c) Participation in the economic development of the country. .




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The above material has been researched by David Irving for the third volume of his Churchill biography, "Churchill's War", vol. iii: "The Sundered Dream."

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