Posted Thursday, February 5, 2004

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Ramanujan asks, Thursday, February 5, 2004, Did Truman know Hiroshima was a civilian target?



Did Truman know Hiroshima was a civilian target?

IS it possible that, just as you hypothesize that Adolf Hitler was misled by his underlings regarding killing the Jews, President Harry S Truman as well was misled by his underlings into thinking that Hiroshima the city, was not to be targeted, but rather just a military base by that name?

In his speech and diary entry he consistently refers to the target as a military base. I have perused many documents and cannot find a single shred of evidence that Truman was aware that the Enola Gay would bomb a civilian populated city.

I cannot offer a $1,000 reward; but I will offer a $50 reward to the first person that finds a document proving that Truman knew he was bombing a civilian populated city with women and children.



Facsimile: Hiroshima order from Truman in Potsdam
War Dept order to Carl Spaatz, Jul 25, 1945
Index to dossier on Hiroshima bombing


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