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Anti-Semitism was Prevalent in the British Ruling classes

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Brendan Bracken
(above, with Churchill, 1940)


Lord Beaverbrook's files [House of Lords Records Office, Beaverbrook papers] C57 and D447 reveal Brendan Bracken's increasing anti-Semitism over the years --

  • squashing 1929 campaign rumours that he was a German Jew by publishing his Irish birth certificate;
  • writing in 1933 of a certain cinema group as being 'as crazily constructed as those of their co-religionist Mr Elias of Odham's;'
  • writing in 1952 to Beaverbrook about certain 'tarbrushed American Hebrews;'
  • and referring to the Savoy Hotel's attempts to 'purge itself of the invading Israelites' Samuels and Clore (whom he called 'the Jewish terrorist.')



    Source: David Irving, Churchill's War, vol. i

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