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Anti-Semitism was Prevalent in the British Ruling classes

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Extracts from the Eden diaries
(Birmingham university, Avon papers, file 20/3.)

September 12, 1941: "Long talk with [Dr Chaim] Weizmann. Nothing new in his tale of woe; it is indeed two thousand years old, He accused us of 'appeasing' the Arabs. His chief complaint was that the Jewish 'force' had again been postponed. He says his men are great fighters, why not recruit them instead of bringing Australians. W.O. appear to have another view of their fighting qualities."

March 8, 1942: "[…] Motored back to Eton where we dropped Simon in time for Chapel. Watched the boys troop in. We were not impressed. Dirty and sloppy, with an ever increasing percentage of Jews, was our conclusion!"

Sep[tember] 15th 1944: "[…] Discussion in morning about Morgenthau's plan for future of Rhineland. Felt somehow irritated by this German Jew's bitter hatred of his own land & also wasn't sure that scheme was all that good from our point of view. Anyway this is no way to discuss it, so was rather peevish & fear must have hurt M's feelings."

"These ex-Germans," he wrote on an official minute on Nov 19, 1944, referring to Morgenthau, "seem to wish to wash away their ancestry in a bath of hate."

(PRO file FO.371/391228).

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