ALTER T/3 John E. Alter (June 1945: MII Team 466-G, US Seventh Army Headquarters.)

BELLER Lt Beller (June 1945: MII Team 466-G, US Seventh Army Headquarters.)

BLAKE Special Agent Robert Blake CIC 970-33

BRADT headed the CIC Unit at Zell am See, Austria? In January 1946 evidently William F. Bradt (SIC), special agent C.I.C., Zell am See Section, Salzburg Detachment, USFA (US Forces, Austria) 8 January 1946.

CAHOON First Lieutenant (Cavalry) Richard C. Cahoon was Team Commander 970-45 in August 1945 and the commanding officer of Gutierrez at CIC 970-33

CONNER Master Sergeant William J. Conner (SIC). MII team 466-G, Seventh Army; worked with Gutierrez. In a report dated Feb 19, 1946 he is referred to as "Special Agent" William J. Connor (sic) of the C.I.C.

GARVEY Dale M. Garvey, Lieutenant Colonel, Inf., S-3, signed reported "for the Chief, C.I.C." at headquarters Counter Intelligence Corps, USFET, on Feb 19, 1946, in connection with the items received from Gutierrez and Conner.

GÖHLER, SS Sturmbannführer Johannes. Was held in July 1945 at Seventh Army Internment Camp No.71 at Ludwigsburg, Germany.

GORBY Ben J.M. Gorby, Special Agent, in Sept 1946 commanding the USFET Counter Intelligence Corps, Region V, Regensburg.

GUTIERREZ Special Agent Robert A Gutierrez CIC 970-33, or (July 1945: signing himself as CIC Det 970-45, but the letterhead says: "307th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment, Headquarters Seventh Army")

HAUFLER SS Hauptsturmführer Erwin Haufler. Member of Fegelein's staff. From Stuttgart. Commanding officer of Konrad. Held Feb 1946 in SS-PW camp at Bad Aibling. Frau Erwin Haufler lived 1945 at, Ammerland am Starnbergersee.

HIRSCHFELD SS Untersturmführer Walter Hirschfeld, "now working for 7th Army Hqs CIC".

KONRAD Agnes Konrad nee Schocher (born 4 January (or: 23 Jan) 1905 in Graz), wife of Franz, has daughter Ingeborg (1945: 8 years), Gertraude (6), Franz (b: 31 Jul 1931) (14). Address was (1945) Konditorei Lobenstock, Lietzen 127, Austria. Later, October 1945: 20 Adolf Hitler Platz, Bruck an der Mur (the dwelling was in charge of Rudolf Meier's wife's sister's husband, one Skoraschek, 2 Ringelschmidtgasse, Bruck an der Mur). Her brother Karl Schocher lived (1945) at Fürstenfeldt/OstSteiermark, Schumanngasse 8.

KONRAD SS Hauptsturmführer Franz Konrad born March 1, 1906, Liesing bei Vienna. Home address: Kapfenburg near Bruck an der Mur. Hanged by the Poles. XE529369NC

KONRAD, Fritz brother of Franz Konrad, lived at Schladming

MEIER Rudolf Meier, one of Franz Konrad's relatives; Konrad had given him large sums of RSHA funds to conceal at Kirchberg, where the CIC recovered them on October 23, 1945.

NACKE Lt Claus K. Nacke (June 1945: MII Team 466-G, US Seventh Army Headquarters.)

O'NEIL Robert E. O'Neil, Special Agent, C.I.C., Operations, Region V, Regensburg, USFET Headquarters Counter Intelligence Corps (Sept 1946)

PAQUETTE Special Agent Origene J. Paquette, Jr., of the C.I.C. 307th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment at Headquarters Seventh Army (October 29, 1945: gave Gutierrez a receipt for the treasure recovered from Fritz Konrad at Schladming and from Rudolf Meier at Kirchberg)

SPACIL SS Oberführer Wilhelm Spacil, born München 1907, Amtschef, Amt II, RSHA